Sort playlists by multiple criteria

Is there any way to sort playlists by both BPM and Key? Would also be helpful if all different keys were sorted by color

Hey avi530,
Yes sir you can (red arrow).
You can also choose to see the songs only with a key of your choice (yellow arrow).


+1 from me (again) — there is another thread on this topic out there.

Sorting by two criteria is different than sorting a filtered list by one.

I’d like to sort on key first then bpm, but in djay 4 it’s either one of these, would like to see it improved, thanks

You can already do this in djay. While in the library mode, select the 3 horizontal lines at the right that look a bit like the wifi symbol. Once in here press the + button and select the Key. Now you can sort that playlist with only the desired key and then sort this list by BPM ascending or decending. You can also add multiple filters in this menu. For example you can filter only Key 8A and BPM range 120-126.

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Yes I knew that, but I would find it easier if you can do this without filtering, esp when jumping keys while staying around same bpm

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+1 from me!

Using the sort function isn‘t really the same.

Hi All,

Just doing a little clean up and so I’ve merged these threads as they are about the same topic. I’ve also moved this thread to the Suggestions category so others in the Community can provide their feedback and/or votes about this feature as well.

We understand that while using the filters in djay along with sorting might achieve a similar outcome, it’s not exactly what was being asked here. I’ve added your input to our internal request tracker, and will keep you updated with any news from our team! Thanks again for your feedback!