Sorting by BPM and Key in the Spotify Library

Thank you for the new Spotify integration! I love it…except for a couple of things. Not having the ability to bulk analyze BPM/key in the Spotify playlists or sort the playlists by BPM or Key (like you can do on the iTunes side) is a *pain*. For some larger playlists it’s almost a deal-breaker. I’m sure that match was put into the system partly because of this problem, but are there any plans to fix this bug (and yes, I consider this a *bug* because you can do it with iTunes tracks but not Spotify) in future updates?

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll change this into a feature request.

Not with us, I assure you that we take feature requests from our users very seriously. The latest update included some of the most requested features here in our forum. :wink:

Hi Everyone,

We just released an update djay 2.6 for iPad and iPhone containing a new feature to also sort in the Spotify library. djay also now shows BPM and key of Spotify songs even if they haven’t been analyzed yet.

We’d appreciate your feedback on this feature and the update in general.

Hi James,

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Not that I saw. If you find a way, please post it. Right now, it seems you can only sort by BPM/key with your iTunes library.

A feature request?! I know enough about software development to know that ‘feature requests’ are back burner issues. Why isn’t this working when not only does it work for the iTunes Library, but Pacemaker (a God-awful piece of DJ software if ever there was one) has been able to sort Spotify tracks by BPM for months?

You can *get* the BPM/key information when you load the track. You just can’t sort the list, and you can *only* get the information through loading the track. So if you have a playlist with several hundred tracks on it…you get the idea.

Even I know that’s not the solution yet. Spotify saves its downloaded playlists within its own app, not as music files. That’s why Siri can’t access them. That option (which would be nice, but I know it’s not all that easy) will hopefully be available to be added into djay with the new OS rollout this fall (easier cross-data usage between apps). However, I’m not a developer myself and I don’t work for Algoriddim, so all I’m even doing is speculating…

Great question!! I was going to post the same thing. Is there any way to sort spotify library via BPM?

Ok. Weird… How are you supposed to DJ and mix with Spotify when you can’t even get BPM of your next song unless you use iTunes?

Agree with Laura… Bulk analyzing BPM/Key and BPM sorting within Spotify lists is a must.

Thank you!!! …it is very rewarding when a company hears their customers.
Now the only upgrade I would like to have is to be able to play downloaded Spotify playlists with no internet connection (think on parties in locatoons with no data services or wifi like beaches, the woods or bike trips).

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-Sort by BPM
-Record mix

It should be an easy feature if your spotify playlists is set to available offline & synched to your ipad.

I can imagine it’ll be harder to sort all spotify tracks unless spotify has analyzed key & bpm. And I don’ think they do that…

Another benefit is that you should be able to play from those lists when spotify is offline (no or unstable wifi)


if you use pacemaker app on an ipad / iphone, you can see the BPM of your spotify playlist songs in pacemakler

Then in spotify you can manually reassign BPM’d songs into a new playlist

Hey Warren, what’s the update on DJay 2 for desk top and lap top? (WINDOWS)

Can you please explain how to sort? I can see the bpm and key, but i cant figure out how to sort. Djay2 - ipad air.

Never mind. Found it. I was looking in charts. Wrong place…

Buy an apple and all your problems are gone.

When you do have an apple product for djay 2 and you can’t sort, like you ask, its a user side fail. This is implemented and works awsome.