Sound distortion - Headphones / Pre-Cue Pioneer DDJ-SB2

Dear Algoriddim community,

today I bought both djay Pro for Mac (AppStore) and a DJing-controller, the Pioneer DDJ-SB2.
Installed on my MacBook Pro Retina Mid’2014, everything’s running smoothly.

Sometimes, the sound, that’s put out through the Headphone-jack of my brand-new controller (Pre-Cue signal), get’s distorted. It happens without a reason, lasting for like 30 seconds to one minute. Sounds like the signal’s been driven over 0dB, which is impossible.
Masteroutput through another audio-interface (Universal Audio) is fine; all the time.
Already checked the signal that’s coming out of both Headphone-jacks. Result is, that there’s no difference; and the headphones itself are definitely intact.

I’m thinking, that it might have something to do with the integration of Pioneer’s audio-interface, but I might be wrong.

Is there anybody who can help me? If you need some additional information, please feel free to ask!

Thank you.

Greeting from Germany, LB

Hey LB,

thank you for your post.
Is the sound distortion reproducible? Could you also try to create the distortion by rooting your Mac Headphone jack as Pre Cueing output (Preferences > Devices > Pre Cueing> Built In)?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up. It would be so great if you can manage to film the explained dropouts.
Also which operating system version are you using?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Dear Lukas E,

thanks for your reply.

Distortion seems to occur and disappear randomly.
Last time I noticed it, was right after starting djay Pro for Mac, starting playing the first song and adding and playing a second one on the second deck, after the first ran for about two minutes without problems. Maybe it has something to do with giving input to the software through the controller.
This time, I used the internal headphone jack of my MacBook to do the job - same result as with the audio-interface built in the Pioneer DDJ-SB2.
I’m pretty sure there’s no clipping-problem that’s made by me, since I cut down the trim to it’s minimal setting. The problem also appears if I drive the signal at way less than -20dB.

This time, there was also a drop-out for about five seconds, through all active output-devices.

I need to mention, that the Master Output stays clean all the time and sounds pristine, on every device I could test.

Do you have any idea how to fix my problem?
At this time, djay Pro for Mac is nearly unusable for me…

Greetings, LB

Thank you.

I’ll film a demo of my problems in the next days and hand it in to you.

I’m actually using Mac OS X 10.11.6 with djay Pro for Mac 1.4.2.

Yesterday, I was able to reproduce the distortion without using the controller by Pioneer.
Distortion starts, when using the Equalizer, LPF/HPF and other knobs/faders a few time. It start crackling a little and grows to a completely distorted signal; after like 30 seconds, the signal clears up. When I start making adjustments to the mix, everything starts again. Maybe there’s a buffer problem with the Pre-Cueing channels in djay Pro for Mac?
I am not able to get it to work and without functional Pre-cueing, the software is sadly not usable…

Thanks for your support and have a nice weekend,