Cue audio distorting through headphones

Using Djay Pro AI with a Hercules Inspire 300 controller & the headphone cue audio moves in and out of distortion. The audio will start clean & the distortion will gradually increase for around 10 seconds until it’s basically white noise, suddenly the distortion will go away for a few seconds and then start all over again. Audio output through the computer is crystal clear.

I have tried a Numark Pro FX controller & that works fine. I have tried the Hercules controller with DJuced & that also works fine - it’s just the Hercules Controller with Djay Pro AI that has the issue.

It is similar to an old problem mentioned in this thread… Sound distortion - Headphones / Pre-Cue Pioneer DDJ-SB2

Any ideas??


Thank you for getting in touch.

Could you try to connect your speakers to your Controllers Headphone Jack and check if the White Noise is also audible?