SoundCloud integration

Is there any plans for SoundCloud IMPORT option. It will be great to get songs from there.

Also voting for SoundCloud integration!

Have cross DJ and can DJ exclusively from my soundcloud likes. Sure you guys have the better features but the Soundcloud is really a deal breaker. Unless you’re just waiting for soundcloud to slowly die and close or something lol

Agreed. There are so many mixes on Soundcloud which just don’t exist on Spotify. Half the tracks that I’d actually want to play out are on Soundcloud and I find them via Hype Machine. Would be amazing to be able to play these mixes and some Spotify staples at the same time.

Someone has already done this in a competing product……

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Soundcloud is used by nearly every major and minor artist for publishing. by the time content is on spottily its played out already. I would love to see Soundcloud on Djay

Definitely need soundcloud integration. This is by far the preferred release method of most DJ’s that I know of. +1

Definitely need to be able to load from Soundcloud. Don’t care about posting to it, just accessing the embedded files.

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After integrating with Spotify, the next big thing is being able to LOAD from Soundcloud. Don’t need to post to it, just load tracks from it. From a programming point of view I’m sure it would be an easier update than the Spotify roll-out. Just sayin. And bring back Full Screen library feature please! Thanks

Big yes to soundcloud integration… would be HUUUGE… many more DJ fans and aspiring dj’s depend on soundcloud, the music library of relevant sources is way more vast than itunes or spotify… for the very sector you all aim to serve with DJay Pro… it would be epic for business.

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Dj alp surely has to get sondcloud intergration?

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Compatibility with soundcloud.

Can we have this app compatible with soundcloud, doesn’t any1 agree? Dj’s share music on this ASWELL as Dropbox! If you did,you would have more Dj’s using this mixer, it would be a Excellent idea…
I should have the mixer by the end of this week, but now I’m disappointed that it doesn’t support where I get all my music from.

This would be huge! The ability to play a track from soundcloud is almost more valuable than spotify

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This might be a good idea…

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The reason why I said connect Djay 2 iPhone app to SoundCloud is because many people like me have amazing remixes that would love to share it with other people and to get famous to fulfill my dreams of being a DJ. And going big. Your IPhone Djay 2 app was amazing with amazing transitions. So please connect Djay 2 iPhone app to soundcloud so I can fulfill my dream.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, guys!

You bought an app specifically for a feature that it doesn’t have and never promised that it would have?


We’re excited to introduce a major update, free to existing djay users.

You can now access SoundCloud’s massive music catalog to discover and mix millions of tracks.

djay’s integration with TIDAL offers HiFi sound, millions of tracks, and MUSIC VIDEO streaming.

djay now also supports Ableton Link across Mac and iOS which allows you to seamlessly sync djay running on different devices.


Lukas E.

+1 for Soundcloud integration, if they would ever allow it