Soundswitch and DJay - is it possible???

Either get music reactive lights (not so fancy, but much less work) or I think you can use Ableton Link to integrate it with some specialist lighting software.

I use vibrio on a second iPad and dmxking device connected to an old Apple airport in a separate network. Works ok, but it’s a bit hard to get stuff synced to music so this is my way of saying “following” :slight_smile:

Hey @Cooljackdj @Algy_Taylor @Alpackan ,

Thank you for bringing this up for discussion here in the Community :slight_smile:

Writing to share that djay works with SoundSwitch via Ableton Link, so the current playback tempo can be transferred to SoundSwitch in order to sync the lighting.

In the meantime, stay assured that we’ll be posting updates regarding this as soon as they are available.