Soundswitch and DJay - is it possible???

there’s an ableton integration (Ableton Link) for syncing…anything, not just lights.
There’s a good ableton page with enabled apps…standby…

dig in and you’ll find soundswitch on that list…
algoriddim has your back, and you didn’t even know it.

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Hi @kenygrey,

Thanks for the suggestion!

As @heysoundude mentioned, Using Ableton LINK is a great way to sync hardware and software together.

I will be merging this thread with an existing thread on SoundSwitch integration found here.

So I’m looking at trying SoundSwitch, and I see they do their software authorizations with iLok - are there plans for dJay to follow suit? (idk how this works with mobile devices…I suppose there would have to be a dock with a USB port)

Add new feature able control DJ light with djay software

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This would be a great add!

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Folks - look into the Ableton Link integration in djay.
You’ll need SoundSwitch or a similar app, and a USB-dmx dongle (and the lights, of course), but the functionality is there

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Hi @Cooljackdj,

Thank you for your suggestion!

As @heysoundude mentioned, Ableton Link supports the function of being able to integrate lighting control in concurrence with djay.

There is a thread related to this suggestion which I will link below:

We are going to be merging the two threads to better manage this suggestion.

Thank you and have a great day!

Hi all.

After trying for hours on end to get Soundswitch working I couldn’t do it I’m afraid. soundswitch talks to Ableton Link just fine, however the Djay software doesn’t respond to Ableton commands. I spoke to Soundswitch and they batted me back to Algoriddim but it seems like a chicken and egg situation. These are both the tech platforms with the capability of making this happen and surely it would benefit both companies?? I.e more subscribers!
Isn’t it about time you spoke to one an other?



I agree completely with wakerz. Ableton Link can work, but the functionality is very minimal in comparison to what Soundswitch can do with Serato. And with Ableton Link, it requires some weird way of constantly keeping both decks in sync, and I just don’t DJ like that. The Soundswitch and DJay teams NEED to connect and figure out a way to integrate native support, and if/when that happens, I am dropping Serato so hard for DJay. But until then, I’ll stay with Serato+Soundswitch.

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I have been working as a DJ for events for more than 20 years. Maybe the last 8 using djay Pro. I prefer it to Serato but the SoundSwitch integration makes my light set much more attractive. Please allow me to continue using Djay Pro integrating SS

I just bought a DENON DJ SC Live 4. Goodbye Djay Pro. Hello Engine DJ and Sound Switch. good luck mates


Would really really love DJAY to approach SS and link up - please guys can you do this . Get the link with SoundSwitch . They are growing at alarming speed and you need to not miss this - don’t let others like Serato , VDJ , and the others gain ground over DJAY . I’ve just joined DJAY coming across from these guys, and you do have a superb app and algorithm!!!

If you integrate this SS link …wham you got me and thousands of others. It would be worth it :pray: we can’t manage on the Albleton on link, it’s a “not good workaround “ - it’s for musicians.

Do the link up with SS and keep up to speed team :pray::blush: do it show em all you rock this !

Hi team. I’ve reached out towards on behalf of thousands of SS users, to implement a direct software connection with DJAY Pro.

Here’s their reply:-

“Hi James

We would love to support DJAY , its something we will need to reach out about. Also send the same feedback their way so we can get a meeting setup faster.”

The current situation with SS gaining massive ground in DJ circles both small and large, and now with the majority of your competitors linking with SS including hardware suppliers like Denon - as a Lover and now Full-time user of DJAY I really want to encourage you take up the offer from SS team and meet to implement the software link.

If you do implement this , your App will go to the next level of professional integration with lighting systems. And that means a MASSIVE increase in reach and would put DJAY pro into the hands of a whole new audience, leaving other leading brands struggling as there algorithms I feel are NOT as good and accurate as yours.

I really hope you can link up with them , take up there offer of a meeting and then make DJAY pro the goto solution for sound and lighting.

P.s I don’t work for soundswitch im just a working passionate DJ .

Kind Regards

James Davies

Hi James,

Thanks so much for the update and for continuing to push this request forward! I’ve made sure this was brought to our Dev Team’s attention, and I’ll keep this thread updated with any news. Thanks again and have a great weekend ahead.

Yep, our bars all use Djay Pro AI but with stems coming to Serato we are definitely going to move back as the Sound Switch integration is something we value too highly going forward.

Hint hint. Algoriddim, stop developing stinker software for Android and Windows (those platforms are great, your software on them sucks), take those teams and put them onto Sound Switch integration and native integrations with the Denon and Pioneer controllers with screens to work 100% and you’d be a clear market leader from amateur to professional.

I like strong ideas, especially when they’re weakly held.
(idk how the dev team at algoriddim works, but the people working on android and windows may not be the same ones as MacOS/iOS/iPadOS…and they may not be able to shift gears as easily as you hope)
dJay and Soundswitch will have to agree to work together, and that takes direction from above, as well as demand from the userbase.