Soundswitch Compatibility Suggestion

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This is the main feature that is causing me not to transition to DJay Pro as my go to DJ Software. I’m a working mobile DJ. 2-4 events/week. I am Serato based. I will use Virtual DJ on occasion. I spin mostly video. Mac Book Pro. Simply clicking a button in Soundswitch ( Control One user) between the two is nice.
I have used DJay Pro/Algoriddim for at least 10 years as an IOS app for a backup and remote wedding ceremonies or as a backup should main system go down. Serato has been rock solid and only times i have ever had to use Djay Pro is when power was an issue.
The recent Apple Music addition
got me to download on my Macbook Pro and start to look at Djay as my main software. The DMX lighting control is my main hangup. If i have to reprogram or revert to a separate control software or controller it defeats the purpose.
This will be my main hesitance in converting and or purchasing a control product with Algoriddim in mind.

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