Split Cue, Switching Views

Rarely, but from time to time, I notice things that I think could improve DJay Pro AI:

  • The ability to use split cue when pre-listening even without a controller connected (the master out on one side, the channel for pre-listening on the other side of the headphones).

  • The possibility to switch views via midi command, so that when activating hot cues on the controller also the hot cues are displayed on the screen, when switching to loop rolls display of the corresponding view etc.

  • Overall, fix the view on the iPad more like on the laptop screen so that when using the iPad without a controller, you can access different areas faster without having to switch the display first.

What do you think?

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@Chris_R I definitely agree with your second one. I put in a suggestion for this nearly 3 years ago. Would love to see this implemented.