Spotify Blocking Has Begun

I believe the Spotify blocking has begun. Just upgraded to 2.12, was asked to re-auth to Spotify & got a 503 (Service Unavailable)

Web Player works fine. Just registered in the Dashboard, created a new app, my credentials / secret & auth flow is working fine. 

So Spotify has either de-authed all of our tokens or upgrading to 2.12 requires a re-auth, & they are blocking Algoriddim’s ClientID.

Now let’s go see how good Tidal + Soundcloud really is.

As The Architect said in ‘The Matrix’ – “There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept.” :slight_smile:

Yep. Just noticed it was back this morning. But the official Spotify announcement happened today :frowning: You win some, you lose some.

Hi Lisa, we are sorry to hear that you had to face this issue. Are you still experiencing the same error?

Updated as well. No issues with Spotify.

I also came across the same problem ago but I still cannot solve the problem. Later, I google how to DJ with Spotify and found an amazing tool called Spotify ripper. It helps me download Spotify playlist to MP3. Then I can use Spotify music on my DJ software even though I don’t log into my Spotify account.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your patience. This was a temporary issue that has been fixed, and it’s good to hear you are now able to connect to Spotify again. Thanks again for your feedback about this issue.

For more details about the future of streaming in djay, including information about migrating your music to the new streaming service options (TIDAL and SoundCloud), please see our recent forum post:

I still have this problem. My Spotify has been updated to the latest version. What is going on? Now I have to convert Spotify to MP3 from Spotify web player for local playback. It takes me spare time though it works well.