Spotify integration on Djay for Mac?

Hello, new to the forum, and Algoriddim products. My question is, I see that Djay does now offer Spotify integration, is that only for the ipad/iphone products, or is that available for the mac version also? I didn’t see it included in the list of features on the mac app store and assume it just hasn’t been updated yet.

What we really need is an Android version…NOT.

To be fair it says ‘December 18’ but not the year…

Or maybe they mean December 2018.

Or maybe they’re just waiting for 10am Cupertino time just like Apple always do…so 6pm UK time.

The Americans to wake up.


Major question: is spotify offline possible? In clubs I never have online access to the tracks.

Anders, is spotify offline possible? In clubs I never have online access to the tracks.

Really, really need a macbook version with Spotify integration. I have the ipad app and it is totally brilliant but like the additional features of the mac version. Not sure why this can’t be implemented across all platforms?

I think you’re missing a trick here!

I just discovered Djay and wanted to buy both editions (iOS and Mac). Glad I found this thread… Will not buy it and move on instead. I only use software from companies that provide regular updates.

djay Pro added support for Spotify on Mac:

Currently no, sorry.

Unfortunately that’s not the case, as djay is using other means to access Spotify due to its specific requirements.

haha thanks for posting, so I guess I don’t have to type it here again. :slight_smile:
or maybe I will to make it official.

We know you’ve been waiting patiently, but not to worry we have lots of big plans for djay for Mac in the future, and we think you’ll be blown away when you see what we’ve been working on. No date to give at this time, but rest assured we want it as much as you do. Stay tuned!

Thanks Scott.

Is your controller request already posted here explicitly as an “idea”?

Sorry Chris, can’t answer that question at this time either.

It’s been 5 months since any reply about dJay for mac… I would say that it’s dead in the water and they are concentrating on iPad and iPhone, which NO ONE uses for dj’ing professionally.

VERY poor communications I say.

With all due respect Warren, there are major issues that need addressed and none are being addressed. The fact that you can’t use the world’s most popular controllers with this software is the biggest problem.

Wish I knew that before I paid for it.

It’s like you produce the software and then take a year or two off with NO improvements or enhancements.

I am giving this software one more chance…