Spotify Problems occurring too often (DJay Pro, Mac version 10.13.5)

Spotify Problems occurring too often (DJay Pro, Mac version 10.13.5)
DJpro ver 2.0.6 (My internet is working fine.)

Since about the last two weeks i have been having songs loaded then freezing during the middle of my sets

On one occasion the song didn’t even load. it freeze about half way.

Even songs that i have previously played days before from Spotify are still freezing in the middle.

Even after a song is loaded navigating through through the song is delayed and not fluid.

Spotify integaration use to be much more cleaner.

The latest upgrade didn’t fix this problem

What can i do on my end to fix?

Any ideas?


Tested this via automix for 3 hours yesterday and no issues. Then 15 mins into playing my gig and again a fully loaded cached song stops playing for no reason. This has been happening for the last month. Thankfully I had another system to play on as feared I would have problems again after my last gig was affected the same way.

I no longer have any faith in this software after using it for over a year. Back to Traktor and offline tracks. Too embarrassing to have music stopping on you in the middle of a gig.

PS my internet connction was fine and it was set to default quality.

Any update from Algoriddim on when they are going to fix the crashing problems? SImply can no longer use this software for more than a 30 mins without songs freezing even though fully loaded.

David, sorry you’ve been having trouble. We’ve addressed a number of issues in previous updates regarding streaming. Some might be network related that we have no control over. That being said, can you please let me know with which version of djay (Pro) you are experiencing which issue with specifically? I assume you are on the latest version. Looking forward to hearing from you.

I’m having this issue too, exactly like you report dj Yardy! I’m using iPad air with ios 11.4, Djay 2 updated.

This is a big problem. I’ve been using djay 2 from 3 years know without this kind of problems… last weekend music simple stop… people standing at me… :frowning:

Please advise… what can I do? If I buy the djay PRO will it be more stable than djay 2? Thanks!!!

Algoriddim team… are you aware of this? working in a solution?

Sorry for saying this, but… this is top priority for sure and for us, users working and trusting your software every weekend!! I feel so insecure to use it now… this kind of problems can’t append in a PRO software. Spotify oficial and trust integration was the top feature to go with Djay… I’ve been working three years without any problem… but know… I can’t trust it no more…

Please, say us something… that you are working in this issue…


Thank you Lukas for your feedbak.

This is very urgent,
Maybe if we be habble to access spotify offline playlist, that’s ok, but, I understand apple ecosystem don’t allow this inter app connection.

So, let’s hoep to get Djay stable again!

Hope to ear from you ASAP.


So do I… but… this was the main feature why I stick to Djay… :frowning:

I still hope Algoriddim can find a solution and get our trust again.

For now, I think the best option is to use offline songs or any other software.

I’m with you Frank Cook, that’s all true! I’m too a Wedding DJ.

Another good feature is playing from spotify offline lists but, I understand the battle with Apple and their permissions.

I agree! But I use the iPad version, I think this problem with Djay was something that spotify has change as a service. Let’s hope Algoriddim solve this fast… I too have a bunch of weddings to make

I use it that way too :wink: My phone with off line spotify songs when needed and a open channel in the mixer, but we really need this problem to be solved .)


None that I know.

And what about iPad app?


Any news about this update? Problem Solved?


for iPad? Thanks!! I’m looking forward to test it too.

tested it out today… djay2 ipad version and it hang again :frowning:
Should i buy djay pro??

Hi there,

thank you for your post and I am sorry to hear that.

Can you further tell us which Spotify Quality setting you are working with?
You can find your selected setting in the djay Pro Media Library settings.

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

thank you all for providing valuable feedback.

We are sorry that you are facing this and are doing our best in order to provide improvements.
Note that this has high priority for us.

Stay tuned.

This software works only for Mac, the pc version is crap…