Static/crackle noise when using Djay pro on iPad Air 2

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I’m having the same problem, and it’s driving me crazy, I’m using a Mixdeck quad, and a 4th gen 128g iPad and I downloaded Djay pro, I love the four deck option, but it’s gotta be a easier way to control it the decks from my controller. Come on algoriddim we’ve all been loyal. And you all have had a solid app until now!

1 Fire up the Idj pro
2 connect iPad
3 load dj app
4 go to settings
5 push hardware setting off then let it load up
6 push hardware setting on then let it load up
That should resolve the problem for you pal

I recommend to buy djay pro app as mine djay 2 app bit the bullet regards to the static noise

also on ipad 4 using djay Pro. cracks and static. Reboot of software cleared it. Came back again another day. reboot cleared again.
Still needs a permanent fix.

I have got no crackling isseus on de ipad air (1).
Tried running 4 deck, looped with effects (With beatpad 1).

i got the same problem with iPad 4 16

Hey there, unfortunately I can report the same!
I was so hyped when I saw I can finally use four decks…

Anyway it seems to me my iPad (4th gen retina 16 gb in combination with beatpad 1) is on the edge regarding processing power, I keep getting pops and noises especially when doing a bit more flick through screens quick fx etc…
I like the pro version, but I need it to be noise free! I unfortunately realized to late that it was making the noises and I couldn’t stop my set any more!

I also hope you guys adjust the beatpad controls, to give me the options to control all 4 decks. Not at the same, but a simple button combination to switch between deck 1 and 3 as well as 2 and 4!

How are your experiences after the update? On a quick look (without beatpad) it seemed much better to me!

For mir its just some clicks and noises here and there, but they still remain.

I still have the Same issue. It sounds a little like when you max a daw too full cpu usage and it starts to pop or crackle. Unfortunately limiter and update didn’t fix the problem for me.
I am jealous of everyone who can use djay pro in iPad… Wanted more tracks so badly…

I use the numark iDJ Pro and an iPad Air 2. The crackling/distortion problem has been going on for almost a year. The only way I’ve been able to fix it is to keep the software running and your iPad plugged into the controller, turn off your controller and quickly turn it back on. The crackling/distortion disappears. Wish there were a better way… but nope.

running iDJ Pro as well (Air 1) and from day one had this issue (started 12/31/2014) and still do, even with the update. Turning off and on never worked for me, however, if I change the hardware options from playing sound through iDjay Pro and then back again, that cleans it up. Weird…

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing since last December and has worked :slight_smile: … too bad, aside from that, I never had any issues. Would be nice for a real fix though

I have the same issue, crackling and static and stuff. I just simply turn the controller off once or twice after setting up. Then I do a sound check and all is good. Has been this way for me for years (started on DJay 2). I have an air 2 128gb…

Same here. This has been going on for years now…

Might be time for me to finally ditch DJay and get a Mixon 4 running Serato on Win or Mac :frowning: SMH

Guys, I tried DJay Pro on an iPad mini 2 and found that I too am on the bleeding edge of processing power as I got lots of cracks and pops while playing. I found I was able to reduce them on the fly by switching the view type either vertical or horizontal 2 or 4 decks, try all the combinations til the crackles go away. Not a fix but a temp workaround.

Hi guys,

thank you for your replies!
Could you try to activate the “Audio Limiter” you can find this via:

  1. go to “Settings”
  2. select “Advanced”
  3. activate “Audio Limiter”

Also please make sure you updated your devices and djay applications to the latest updates.
If this is not helping and the crackle noise still remain, please contact our support via

Keep it up,
Lukas E.