Strange Change in Tempo when Stopping Synced Track and Drifting

So I’ve been spending a lot of time in DJay Pro for iOS and I really love the intuitiveness, but I’m running across some issues particularly with the Sync feature.

The primary issue arises when you have two synced tracks playing simultaneously and you stop the original track you synced to, every single time there is a small but noticeable quick change in tempo in the new track (it speeds up a bit). I’ve recorded several one hour sets and the issue is almost always present, not sure what could be causing this?

The second issue arises with several tracks (some of which I know are quantized) where I hit sync to match the BPM and then disengage it to manually beat match the next track in perfectly, but for some reason the new track will start drifting very far apart from the main track. This even happens with tracks that have perfect grids, so maybe I’m missing something? It happens every time one track is looped and the other isn’t which is odd.

Any help on these topics would be greatly appreciated because it’s really beginning to affect the quality of my sets since I constantly have to keep an eye for these things and sometimes they just take over.

Thank you!


Thank God I’m not the only one experiencing the exact same issue…
I have a Rane One Controller and what Juan is experiencing is happening to me as well, only what I am experiencing is sometimes worse…

I’m experiencing full app crashing, and I’m not sure if it is related to the latest update because it appears to be happening as of this morning when I updated to 3.7.7

I think I have narrowed the issue down to if I use the Pitch fader on one track and then try and sync the track on the other deck, at times the App is crashing, and I think it might be related to another problem as well with the Pitch Faders.
Occasionally the Range will change by itself to 75%, and if I try and sync another track, I will find that it will stay in sync for a few seconds then begin to drift off, and that’s what I think is also causing my crashing Issue…

Please Algoriddim staff look into this issue.

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I’m also experiencing the issue ms mentioned above.

iPad Air 2020
Rane one controller

It was happening on v3.7.6 too.


Are you experiencing the App crashing as well?

Juan, are you using the App on its own or controlling it through a Djay Controller?

I’m using with it with Rane twelve MKIIs, but it is not crashing for me—it’s just the strange drifting and then that change in pitch when stopping a synced track

Thanks for replying Juan,

When it happens to you, can you check the Pitch fader range?
Although mine is set on 8%, it acts like it is at 75%, and that is what I think makes it drift.

Resetting the app and switching the controller on and off again resets the problem, but I can’t keep on doing that surely.

I really wish that Algoriddim would chime in here and let us know if they have a resolution.
This is really is a good app with lots of cool features but this problem is making the App un unusable for me.

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@maurizio_T There’s a separate thread raised for the cue point drifting issue which has been acknowledged by algoriddm. That happens on any pitch range for me.

I’ve had the app crash once or twice under heavy use in the last two weeks.

I’m also experiencing a glitch when using the rane one on Deck A (left deck) - back spinning the record rapidly and catching it sometime sends it into a continuous backspin. Even if I try and stop it with the controller it carries on. If I pause the record it stops, then press play it continues to back spin at speed.

In its current state I wouldn’t be recommending the rane one paired with djay for professional events/use.

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I have seen your YouTube video on the cue point drifting as well, although I haven’t experienced this myself, mainly due to not using it for scratch purposes, I’m sure it would be the same for me though…

YesI have also experienced the backward spinning platter as well, but I think it was due to an incorrect midi map that I corrected…

I believe the crashing issue happens when I use Sync.
Although I can beat match, I rely on Sync these days as I mainly specialise in 80’s Funk with drifting drum beats so Sync really helps my mixes come out clean.

But yes I agree, in this current state, I couldn’t use the Rane One with this App in a professional environment until they sort this out, and hopefully soon.


@maurizio_T No problem, I can check later today and get back to you. I do know that the pitch range buttons often all light up at the same time and then I cannot choose a pitch range, even when sync is off sometimes. This appears to be an issue as well.

@Private_Repress The separate thread about the cue point drift is for scratching right? If so, that’s the one I chimed in on as well, but the issue I’m referring to here is different. Take two tracks with accurate grids (which shouldn’t really matter) and that are quantized, match their BPMs manually and hit play at the same time, and they will drift from one another after a couple of seconds. I will try to get some video to show the issue and compare it to Serato. The only thing I can think of is that DJay pro analyzed their tempos incorrectly? But these are quantized tracks so seems unlikely

I would agree though, as it stands currently I can’t use the Rane twelves with djay pro in a professional setting—I had my own event on Friday and had to switch back to Serato. Again, trying to rule out user error but I’ve yet to notice this on Serato.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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@Juan-Tenorio_Benites yes sorry to confuse matters, I’m also experience the drifting between two tracks (even if they are the same track!) after disabling sync.


Having used only djay so far (no experience with Serato), I felt weird for always keeping an eye on the waveforms to see whether they remain in sync but chalked it up to me still being a beginner. Thanks for bringing this up, this also mirrors my experience and is very annoying.


@Private_Repress No worries at all, but yes this exactly the issue I’m referring to—it’s quite strange and definitely not something that should be happening

@djjoejoe I’ve used pretty much all of the software out there, and trust me you are not wrong for thinking this. I noticed it because, similarly, I never had to pay much attention to waveforms either (especially with a standalone setup) and I now I find myself constantly looking at them and locking the sync almost every single time (even when I don’t want to) because I can’t trust DJay Pro to beat match by ear due to the drifting. Obviously there are unquantized tracks with live drummers, etc. but the tracks I’ve played for years are exhibiting this behavior so that leads me to believe something else is going on

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Thanks for the reply, I just wish that Algoriddim staff would chime in as well…
My ipad is 6th Gen 128Gb A1893, I wonder if it can’t handle the new version of the app…My main issue at this stage is the crashing, It crashed probably 6 times yesterday, and the last crash happened after playing a set for approximately 45mins and then I hit Sync and the app just crashed…
I’m thinking of upgrading my iPad to the latest one which has the A12 Bionic chip and 3GB of Ram as opposed to the A10 Bionic chip and 2GB of Ram in my current iPad…

Had the same problem with the same iPad (6th gen) a year ago and decided to upgrade to the newest iPad Air (2020). No crashes since then anymore! My reason to upgrade to an iPad Air and not to the newest iPad was that I wanted to be ready for the future and not get into the same position a year later again.

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To be honest I was thinking of doing the same thing as the latest IPad Air has 4GB of Ram, but I tried another experiment today…
I have and older ipad 5 64GB and it currently has Djay 3.7.5 and so far there have been no crashes at all.
I’m going to continue trialing it tonight and will see if any issues arise…
The IPad Air 256GB retails for $1130 AUD whilst the Ipad 8th Gen retails for $650 AUD so I want to be sure that upgrading cures the problem…
I wish there was someway of rolling back the current Djay version to see if that makes a difference as well…

Here’s the video of the drifting while looping–same track being played on two decks (same grids, same bpm, etc.) with one section on one deck looping and it just starts drifting away slowly from the same track without the loop…this has been the most challenging so far as I have to keep sync locked in order for them not to drift…any ideas? @Guillermo

I will try to get a video of the other issue regarding the pitch changing when stopping a synced deck later today

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Apologies for the previous post, though switching from manual to grid looping had fixed the problem, but turns out it didn’t…still drifting away from the track :confused:

@Guillermo @Private_Repress @maurizio_T @djjoejoe just tested the same tracks in Serato looped and unlooped and no issues…can upload video of that as well if helpful.

Update: also tested on my Denon’s with engine prime, no drifting while looping either, works just fine. Tested my Ranes on DJay Pro AI for Mac just to rule it out and the drifting is still there, easily reproducible, especially if you loop different sections of the same track on both decks and overlap them.

It honestly seems like DJay Pro just grabs or assigns differently spaced grids or tempos to different sections of a track (flexible grids?). Not familiar with exactly how that works here, just thinking out loud, but definitely seems to be exclusive to DJay Pro.

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Hey guys,

thank you all for being so active in these threads. We are highly motivated to fix these issues you’ve reported here.

@Juan-Tenorio_Benites, could you please open a new thread about the primary issue you mentioned here and post a video of that problem?

Furthermore, @maurizio_T and @Private_Repress you guys said the app crashed, could you please open the djay settings on your iOS device and select “Contact Support”. Then, send us an email stating you’ve been in touch with me in this Community Thread. That will give us more information about what exactly is causing your crash.

Does this only happen to you guys when you have the Rane ONE/Twelves connected?

We’re investigating this. We’ll keep you guys posted with any news here.

Thank you all for your collaboration. We’re sure that with your help the RANE controllers together with djay will soon be appropriate for professional environments.

Cheers, G