Strange Change in Tempo when Stopping Synced Track and Drifting

@Private_Repress No worries at all, but yes this exactly the issue I’m referring to—it’s quite strange and definitely not something that should be happening

@djjoejoe I’ve used pretty much all of the software out there, and trust me you are not wrong for thinking this. I noticed it because, similarly, I never had to pay much attention to waveforms either (especially with a standalone setup) and I now I find myself constantly looking at them and locking the sync almost every single time (even when I don’t want to) because I can’t trust DJay Pro to beat match by ear due to the drifting. Obviously there are unquantized tracks with live drummers, etc. but the tracks I’ve played for years are exhibiting this behavior so that leads me to believe something else is going on

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Thanks for the reply, I just wish that Algoriddim staff would chime in as well…
My ipad is 6th Gen 128Gb A1893, I wonder if it can’t handle the new version of the app…My main issue at this stage is the crashing, It crashed probably 6 times yesterday, and the last crash happened after playing a set for approximately 45mins and then I hit Sync and the app just crashed…
I’m thinking of upgrading my iPad to the latest one which has the A12 Bionic chip and 3GB of Ram as opposed to the A10 Bionic chip and 2GB of Ram in my current iPad…

Had the same problem with the same iPad (6th gen) a year ago and decided to upgrade to the newest iPad Air (2020). No crashes since then anymore! My reason to upgrade to an iPad Air and not to the newest iPad was that I wanted to be ready for the future and not get into the same position a year later again.

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To be honest I was thinking of doing the same thing as the latest IPad Air has 4GB of Ram, but I tried another experiment today…
I have and older ipad 5 64GB and it currently has Djay 3.7.5 and so far there have been no crashes at all.
I’m going to continue trialing it tonight and will see if any issues arise…
The IPad Air 256GB retails for $1130 AUD whilst the Ipad 8th Gen retails for $650 AUD so I want to be sure that upgrading cures the problem…
I wish there was someway of rolling back the current Djay version to see if that makes a difference as well…

Here’s the video of the drifting while looping–same track being played on two decks (same grids, same bpm, etc.) with one section on one deck looping and it just starts drifting away slowly from the same track without the loop…this has been the most challenging so far as I have to keep sync locked in order for them not to drift…any ideas? @Guillermo

I will try to get a video of the other issue regarding the pitch changing when stopping a synced deck later today

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Apologies for the previous post, though switching from manual to grid looping had fixed the problem, but turns out it didn’t…still drifting away from the track :confused:

@Guillermo @Private_Repress @maurizio_T @djjoejoe just tested the same tracks in Serato looped and unlooped and no issues…can upload video of that as well if helpful.

Update: also tested on my Denon’s with engine prime, no drifting while looping either, works just fine. Tested my Ranes on DJay Pro AI for Mac just to rule it out and the drifting is still there, easily reproducible, especially if you loop different sections of the same track on both decks and overlap them.

It honestly seems like DJay Pro just grabs or assigns differently spaced grids or tempos to different sections of a track (flexible grids?). Not familiar with exactly how that works here, just thinking out loud, but definitely seems to be exclusive to DJay Pro.

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Hey guys,

thank you all for being so active in these threads. We are highly motivated to fix these issues you’ve reported here.

@Juan-Tenorio_Benites, could you please open a new thread about the primary issue you mentioned here and post a video of that problem?

Furthermore, @maurizio_T and @Private_Repress you guys said the app crashed, could you please open the djay settings on your iOS device and select “Contact Support”. Then, send us an email stating you’ve been in touch with me in this Community Thread. That will give us more information about what exactly is causing your crash.

Does this only happen to you guys when you have the Rane ONE/Twelves connected?

We’re investigating this. We’ll keep you guys posted with any news here.

Thank you all for your collaboration. We’re sure that with your help the RANE controllers together with djay will soon be appropriate for professional environments.

Cheers, G


Thanks for Replying Guillermo,
Since disabling “Maintain Sync When Paused, Scratching or loading Cue Points, I don’t think I have experienced any crashing, having said that I have been using my older ipad 5 running 3.7.5.

What I am still experiencing however is after using the App for around an hour or so, The Pitch range changes on its own,So basically I always keep it at 8% and when it glitches, it changes to 75% but it still shows it is at 8%, and when that happens, it won’t let me Sync anymore until I turn the Rane One Controller of/on again…This generally resets the problem unit it happens again…
This at the moment is currently my biggest problem…
I’m switching between the iPad 5 on 3.7.5 and the iPad 6 running 3.7.7 and trying to see what works best…

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Thanks Guillermo, I have sent an Email in the app to Support as suggested.

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@Guillermo ive just sent the email as requested :+1:t2:

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Thanks for checking in @Guillermo --happy to put a video together of the tempo change on another thread. Just want to make sure, the track drifting while looping highlighted in the video on this thread is recognized too, as that is actually a much larger issue at the moment.

Please let me know, as I would be happy to make another video on the drifting as well.



I have the drifting problem when I stop the song it drifts. I have to lower the channel fader not to hear it on my iPad and MacBook.


Hi @MontyJoe, I think you’re having another problem, unrelated to this thread actually. Could you please go to the djay settings? Under General, you’ll find the option to change the time it takes the jog-wheel to come to a full stop or to start. I think that reducing the stop time to 0 will solve the problem you’re having.

Let me know if the issue persists.


Most glitches appear to have been fixed although I’m still experiencing the slight drift in tempo whenever I have Sync on and release the Sync button, not only is it visible via the Beat grid movement but it can also be heard.
Can we get a fix on this issue soon please?

Yes @maurizio_T we are working on this issue.

Thank you all in this thread for your patience and understanding.

Cheers, G

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Hi Guillermo, I noticed there was a recent update but unfortunately this hasn’t fixed this issue.
Another problem that Rane One users are encountering is if the PItch fader is off the centre setting and I try and start a track by using the Cue button, if I press play there is also a momentary change in tempo.
If the Pitch fader is on 0 this doesn’t happen.
Ideally I would like to have the Motor off function work like it does in Serato. Is this something that could be introduced in future updates?

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Hey @maurizio_T,

Thanks for staying in touch with us.

It sounds like this issue is not really related to the thread’s bug report. It is important for us to keep the community threads constraint to one topic.
Would you mind creating a new thread about this and attaching a video to it so we can all check the behavior of the app in this scenario?

That would really help us better understand the problem you’re having.

Thank you in advance for your time and collaboration.

Cheers, G

2 crashes in the last 5 gigs :frowning: and the current playing songs slows down when I stop the song on the other deck and also when I load a song into the other deck. Looking forward to the firmware that patches this one!!!



Hi Guillermo, to be honest I think they are all related as they are Rane One issues…
I did however when you asked me, send you two videos over 5 weeks ago regarding the strange Pitch range issues that I am experiencing and have had no reply or resolution for this issue as well…

I think it’s important then rather have a hundred separate threads regarding the Rane One issues that they should be discussed together…

You guys are on the right track with this software but just wish that we had more feedback regarding our issues instead of the same “We are looking into this matter and appreciate your patience”

Like I have stated in the past, Djay 2 app was pretty much flawless in it’s build quality albeit it lacks all the cool features of Djay Pro but at least it was stable…

We’re still in lockdown down here in Sydney so I haven’t had the luxury of playing at any gigs, but I would be mortified if the app would crash on me whilst on a gig.

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