Streaming playlist editing

Release notes for Version 4.0:

  • Streaming playlist editing: create and edit playlists from TIDAL, SoundClod, Beatport, Beatsource from within djay

How does this work?
I have version 4.02 installed both to my iphone and Mac, but I’m unable to edit my Beatport playlists.

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This has been temporarily disabled by Algoriddim in 4.0.2 while they address some bugs with streaming services.


Hi @Flukje,

Just popping in to confirm what @Slak_Jaw said. We recently released an update for djay Pro AI, version 4.0.2, that included a fix for a playback issue with Beatport and Beatsource tracks.

With this release, in order to provide a quicker fix for this playback issue, we had to temporarily disable the ability to edit playlists for these sources in djay. Our team is actively working on a proper fix for this that will re-enable playlist editing in a future update. We’ll keep you updated about that as it becomes available. Thanks in advance for your patience! :pray:

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Thanx for the answer!

I really hope you get it back in some release but ofcourse reliability
should always be the priority.