Suggestion: Deck that is not playing cannot be considered Master

I would like to suggest that for the Sync functionality when crossfading, that if a deck is not active (i.e. playing) it NOT be considered as a potential Master for the tempo. In other words, whatever coding is making the decision, it should be programmed so that any deck that is not playing is dropped from the choice?

It was happened to me and it seems a bit bizarre. I’ve read briefly about the criteria (loudness etc; would love to know more if there’s a link), but this just seems logical to me? There should be a hand off as soon as a deck stops playing for more than one second or so (unless you offer some kind of ‘scratch’ mode for turntablists, but that should be an option, not ‘default’).


Hi @djantona, I’ve discussed this previously in a couple of other threads. Have a look at this and let mw know if that answers your questions:

Hey Slack_Jaw,
Thanks for the fast reply. I really appreciate the level of support you’re offering on here.
This does clarifying things…I experienced some results that I found weird a couple of times, but will keep an eye out, with this info in mind. It generally does what I expect it to…could be teething issues as well (me getting used to the new software), so I also appreciate everyone’s patience on here.



You’re welcome @djantona. Happy to help!

There’s also this suggestion topic for being able to manually select the Master Deck. Similar to how Traktor handles it. This has been communicated to the dev team already.

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