Suggestions for 4 Channel DJay iOS Controller

I’m looking for a new 4 Channel Controller for DJay Pro AI. Any feedback from users would be great. Must have native iOS support. Here are the ones I’m considering so far:

  1. Reloop Mixon 4
  2. Pioneer DDJ-RX
  3. Pioneer DDJ-SX2
  4. Denon MC7000

Thanks for your help

i’d go for the mixon 4

Are you using the Mixon 4 with iOS DJay? If so what do you like about it? Any complaints or issues?

i was. i liked the multiple fx buttons which enables you to add fx in a snap, and the integration with djay which was perfect. the booth output is also fine as it adds a second output. the slot for the ipad is also a great thing.

my only complaint would perhaps be the jogwheels which not tall enough so you’re to be carefull when you do jog seek not to touch the top of the jogwheels which would stop the music :slight_smile: and it’s a pity there was no line input. it’d be a perfect

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I recently got an MC7000 and am happy with it. I like that it has standalone mixer, and is very cheap (ot reached End Of Life and was highly discounted (~600EUR)). it also works well with iPhone & iPad.

Note that I can’t get it to work right with Windows yet - sound drops & glitches on all kinds of software. It works great on OS X & iOS, but not on Windows.

I also own a Reloop Mixtour. it’s nice for iPhone & iPad use, and also as a deck 3&4 controller with MC7000. Reloop’s build quality appears nice, but I chose the Denon and am happy with it for now.

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I use the Mixon 4.But for some reason the Auto loop(purple) pads don’t seem to work. I’m hoping that a new Mixon comes out with all of the Bells & Whistles.

Thanks for the input guys! Really appreciate it. Just ordered the Denon MC7000.


I have the mixon 4 after trying a few that were just “compatible” and found the mixon 4 to be perfect. No faffing around with MIDI mapping. Everything just works out of the box.
Also other ones I tried the LED’s wouldn’t work properly and it’s all spot on with the mixon such as coloured pads, platter leds etc.

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I have the Mixon 4 which was designed specifically for the IPad Pro (down to the larger integrated slot to integrate the iPad itself) and it works right out of the box. No issues with it! Very happy.

Actually manufacturers must consider releasing a new or upgraded version of their controllers to cope with the new dj pro AI functions.
I use a Beatpad 2, and had to map Neural functions on Shift+Auto Loop pads. But it does not work at its best. Pad colors do not lit.
We should have specific buttons to handle with all these new functions, like loop controls, more fxs busses and parameters, etc.

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