Support for DVs or Time Code vinyl.

Will DVS or Time code vinyl be supported in the future for Djay pro for mac? As a blind dj the Djay pro for mac software is the only almost fully featured dj software that is accessible with the Voiceover screen reader for mac. I’ve been using Djay pro 2 for mac for a while now and it keeps getting better with time, but the only feature I’ve been wishing for along with many others is DVS or time code vinyl support. Not sure why it has not been included by now but it would be awsome to be able to use my turntables again.

Hi @Roman,

Thank you for getting in touch and thank you for your suggestion.

We are currently not supporting DVS or Time Code Vinyl. Still we are aware of the user demand and are thankful if our users can share their feelings and votes towards the suggestion in order to push the topic overall.


At least please start by implementing external mixer audio routing on iOS like it is already on Mac.

That would let us use Djay with so much more hardware. Basically any standalone mixer rather than just controllers for now.

With one feature, you open to a so much bigger market. Other apps like DJ Player do that on iOS already, so it’s not like it would be technically impossible.

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update…update…but support DVS o time code vinyl…never! Why not? Please

This is so old they never aware to that I’ve been asking for dvs since the first app

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They prefer to make us move our hands in the air…

That was hilarious…
Actually I think Hercules some years ago have a controller that do some “wizard” like that…never pick up the market so…:joy:

Hi @Raffaele_Basile,

Thanks for sharing your suggestion. I’ve moved your thread over to this already existing thread about the same topic so we can better track the votes/user support for this request.

DVS would be a game changer with your algoriddim system especially with the Stem mixing.Percussion accapella melody breakdown this would flat out crush other platforms/competitors.I really want to add turntables to my ddj 1000 and only wanna use this program it’s great and user friendly. Bring this feature and we all will turn pro!!!..

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We want DVS Supporting /control vinyl. User start using Serato, or Tractor so, it is obviously DJay Pro have need it DVS supporting.

We desperately want control vinyl support. Algoriddim is so much better than Serato or Traktor, but I am forced to use Serato due to Algoriddim lacking control vinyl support!