Support for Roland DJ controllers?

Are there plans support the DJ controllers from Roland, specifically the Roland DJ 808, DJ 505 or DJ 202. The 202 and 505 seem like they would be great for DJay Pro. Plus I love the idea of being able to have a midi clock out and a drum machine to play with.


Glad to have you on the forum. Any chance Roland at least provides a class compliant mode for their devices to be compatible with iOS ? It looks like even the 707 has a very limited generic mode not allowing to use it for anything more than inputting a single stereo source through USB. Also I’d love if the boutique and Aira synths included a « generic audio » mode like my Juno DS.


Lukas, thanks for your reply, do you know if the 707m actually has a fully featured (access to all in/out) class compliant mode ? Otherwise I bet you’re hardly be able to support it on mobile/tablet versions of Djay.

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Looks like Roland is also here in these forums.

Personally, I have more generally pushed on Twitter @Roland_US, not only for their mixers but most importantly for their synths and modules, which most usually have proprietary drivers meaning no compatibility with iOS and strong dependance on driver support (eventually means obsolescence in a few years because off the lack of it).

In most cases, it’s not justified by any crazy feature that wouldn’t be possible in class compliant devices.

A good example is the Rane Seventy-two, which does have advanced features such as dual-port DVS capable sound card and displays integrated with Serato software , though it does at the same time provide a class compliant interface.

A good counter-example is Pioneer who always puts proprietary drivers to their higher end mixers and controllers without any real technical reason other than controlling the product lifecycle (a softer way to call ”programmed obsolescence”).

Though I love their products and innovations, it sadly looks like both Pioneer and Roland follow the same kind of strategy in terms of product lifecycle management.

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Jag är superintresserad av DJ-202. Kan du kontakta mig på hakan (at) loven (dot) se?

whats the best place to push the issue? if you fully support the 707m, I will ditch serato as of that day


808 Mapping would be awesome

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Can’t believe no reply! The 202 looks to be a good replacement for the DDJ-SB2

Would love it if you share your progress so far if you have a mapping available. Great job!

Hi guys,

Thank you for your feedback.

The DJ 808 and DJ 707 are both on our user request list.

Feel free to push the topic.

Cheers,Lukas E. 


I second that! Got my DJ-202 today and gave it a go on mapping it for Djay manually. Im not sure I missing something out but I can’t manage to get it working properly.
I sorted the mixer out but the platters and the LED feedback is acting weird. For example the scratch platters just jogs the track forward, not back and forth as supposed to.
The play button blinks when pressed and then stays black. If I press the play button in the UI the controller button lights up as supposed to.

Please Algoriddim! Get support for the DJ-202! Although the drum machine is cool I’m not that interested in getting that feature working in DJay.

Sorry for not sending you the mapping. I had to put the 202 on the shelf and go back to my trusty Traktor S4 for a few gigs. I will pick it up again as soon as I get the time for it.

Below angr77 has manage to map it fully though. Give him a pm to see if can share the mapping with you.

the first one has to say “scratching mode” the other 2 just say “scratch” ill send a pic if you need, for the jogs

oh wait thats a 202 , i have 505, probably the same…

i went as far as to map my whole dj-505 only to find out you can not cue because the way the sound card is set up :frowning: i gave up

are you able to cue through headphone after the mapping?

I am keen on the latest controller: roland DJ-707M to use with djay pro 2 for mac OS

Will they map this for us?


I agree that the DJ-202 looks like a better entry level controller than the DDJ-SB2. It has dedicated transport controls, so you dont loose pads to transport controls. Not to mention the dum machine and sequencer.

Come on algoriddim!!! :frowning:


hello peter, could you send me the mapping of roland dj 202 via mail,please?