Support for the Mixars Primo (iOS)

I just saw that after 3 years, mixars is finally releasing the mixars primo controller, I know it’s a long shot and it wouldn’t hurt to ask, but are there any plans in the future for the new djay pro , to be compatible with this controller?

any news about this official mapping from Algoriddim please ?

Hi Timothy,

Thank you for your mail and sorry for the belated response.

I added your request for a mapping of the Mixar Primo to our request list.

Lukas E.

well, i mapped it perfectly , however, no headphone cue option (windows) wasted time,

nobody even looked at this post lol

Wow awesome! (puts foot in mouth lol)

ill look for it

i cant find the file :frowning: i had only done one side though, and wanted to check on headphone cue but wouldn’t work, maybe Lukas can make it happen as stated above,

Thanks i will try this out after work!

right on! im dying to try the mapping with my ipad , i know the soundcard issue may be there though but its all good…

I actually tried it out, of works pretty good four basic mapping! Actually worked on my iPad, I just now noticed that you can change the mapping on the iPad version also I might go through and see if I can map some of the other buttons and even the jog wheel lights, if I ever have time in this busy world LOL

you should add it to the dj tech tools mapping site

as a temp mapping lol

that temp mapping was great, but sho wish it would become official though lol

any news on official support? the “homemade” mappings are ok but …

not giving up on this, checking back every week lol

I sold mine but if they make it official I might turn around and repurchase it LOL

Any news on this? Thanks!!

Any news on this? Although I appreciate everyone’s personal mappings, some of them are not working correctly, wish they would officially support, this would be a great combo for djay, I know I sound monotonous, but I’m an old school believer in “if if first you don’t succeed , try n try again” like Aaliyah lol!