Support for the Roland DJ 707m

  1. Fully aware the Roland DJ 707m is not supported at this time.
  2. Fully aware that there are several posts going back several years asking.
  3. Fully aware there are other controllers (just ordered a Hercules Starlight)
  4. The Djay App does recognize the 707m but only able to map a few knobs.

Posting in hopes that others will upvote signaling to Algoriddim there is a need in the community.



Hi @iWabbit,

Thanks for sharing this request with the rest of the Community.

I’d like to mention that we are always keeping an eye out for requested controllers.

It would be great if the rest of the Community would vote for this controller request. :ballot_box:

We’ll keep you guys posted with any updates about this.

Cheers, G

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I fully support & upvote this


I fully support & upvote this


Hi All!

I’m interested in buying a Roland DJ-707m Controller to use with Djay Pro.

However, I have not been able to find any available and working MIDI mapping file for DJ-707m.

Has anyone managed to arrange it?

Grateful for all the help I can get!

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Sadly, nothing exists for the controller, unless someone is holding out and not sharing. We are at the mercy of Algoriddim to make his happen :slight_smile: Please upvote this thread if you have not already. FYI, I just tried plugging in the 707m. Nothing.

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Algoriddim Roland Dj 707m support please…

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The same way Algorridim got Pioneer to do the CDJ, 400, & 200, they could sway Roland to make drivers for the iPad & map Djay AI if they really wanted too. Especially when Roland isn’t winning market share for Serato DJ. The Automix alone would win over most wedding DJs using the 707m. If VDJ can do it for the MAC, so can Algorridim. This is a no brainer.

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I have a Roland 707M and I would love to get rid of Serato! :innocent:

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The Zone Out feature of the 707m & this new Automix feature would basically guarantee DJAY AI dominate the wedding/mobile scene. Roland has no foothold on S****o, so they need to expand to other softwares to survive. Plus AI can play multiple streaming services. What a wasted innovation.


Adding my +1 to the list of requesters. Please add support for the 707m.

@dwardo VDJ has full mapping for 707m, been using it for years (don’t like Serato)

Please make this happen on the iPad. Roland is the one brand that continuously pops up when it comes to good sound. Maybe there is even a possibility for a cooperation like with Reloop.

Compatibility with Roland has been requested for years. Did Algoriddim ever reach out to Roland?

Also want to link back to this:

Hi there,

Thanks for pushing this thread back up for continued review.

We have no new updates to share regarding native support for the controller but will most definitely update this thread as new info rolls in.

Have a nice day!

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Roland 707 m - the best #1 DJ Controller for mobile DJ’s… I don’t have to carry external mixers. Approximately when are we expecting its integration with djay.

I also thought about this controller for a while, but then decided on a setup of small controller and external mixer, which is at least with regard to connectivity possibly more flexible. But of course it is also two individual devices, with all the advantages and disadvantages. And I think the jog wheels could be a bit bigger for a device in this price range. But with DVS you can perhaps compensate for that with the “only true jog wheels” … :wink:
But what is the current situation, is the DJ707m recognized by Djay Pro AI as a controller at all? Then you could make the effort to create your own mapping.

Just couple of issues:

  • not class compliant with iOS
  • scene presets ? need to be possible handle with djpro?
  • Loudspeaker Management ? need to be able to handle with djpro?
  • the channel 3 TR-Drum … how to operate that with djpro ?
  • the channel 4 “Setting Deck 4 to OSC lets you drop sweepers, synth stabs, and other onboard DJ sound effects to spice up a mix.”… how to utilize that with djpro ?

A lot of questions what functionality actually need to be supported by djpro or none at all…

After all, these are things that now also run via the hardware and not via the software. Or can all this be controlled directly via Serato?

It works perfectly with Virtual DJ.

Upvote at the top everyone :ok_hand: