Support for the Roland DJ 707m

  1. Fully aware the Roland DJ 707m is not supported at this time.
  2. Fully aware that there are several posts going back several years asking.
  3. Fully aware there are other controllers (just ordered a Hercules Starlight)
  4. The Djay App does recognize the 707m but only able to map a few knobs.

Posting in hopes that others will upvote signaling to Algoriddim there is a need in the community.


Hi @iWabbit,

Thanks for sharing this request with the rest of the Community.

I’d like to mention that we are always keeping an eye out for requested controllers.

It would be great if the rest of the Community would vote for this controller request. :ballot_box:

We’ll keep you guys posted with any updates about this.

Cheers, G

I fully support & upvote this


I fully support & upvote this

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Hi All!

I’m interested in buying a Roland DJ-707m Controller to use with Djay Pro.

However, I have not been able to find any available and working MIDI mapping file for DJ-707m.

Has anyone managed to arrange it?

Grateful for all the help I can get!

Sadly, nothing exists for the controller, unless someone is holding out and not sharing. We are at the mercy of Algoriddim to make his happen :slight_smile: Please upvote this thread if you have not already. FYI, I just tried plugging in the 707m. Nothing.

Algoriddim Roland Dj 707m support please…

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The same way Algorridim got Pioneer to do the CDJ, 400, & 200, they could sway Roland to make drivers for the iPad & map Djay AI if they really wanted too. Especially when Roland isn’t winning market share for Serato DJ. The Automix alone would win over most wedding DJs using the 707m. If VDJ can do it for the MAC, so can Algorridim. This is a no brainer.