Support of music faster as 200BPM (Change Bpm / use of Double tempo)

Hello Algoriddim team🙏🏽
There is another suggestion that I will bring back, as I see it as essential for our mixing experience.

The problem is that some genres we want to mix have faster Bpm.
Song with 210 BPM, will be detected with 110 BPM.
In this case it isn’t possible to use the double tempo button or to write down the real bpm to get the right grit.

Please, It’s really important to get this done to create and work on a perfect grit.


Thx for the +vote of this topic :pray:t4: Nice to see there are people who care about this feature :blush:


Want to throw this topic up again to see if someone new has a vote up for this🖤


Soooo…I pay for the Abo since two years with a lot of hope that the great team behind Djay would improve this feature to a step where EVERY DJ software has been since years.

It’s not funny if you can’t play/sync/beatgrit 3/4 of your music, because it’s OVER 200 bpm.
Either we have the possibility to double or to edit the tempo!

Please pleas please let me use this software with all my tracks I would like to play​:pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4:
I really don’t know how long I can wait, even if I love to support you guys!

Here is little screenshot to show my problem


Hey @Sascha_Lassig,

Thank you for continuing to push this topic through our Community. Also thank you for attaching the screenshot, the problem can clearly be seen there.

We understand that seeing the correct tempo on screen is crucial for DJs. We are aware of the demand for this and I’d like to mention that we are currently looking into ways of supporting faster BPM ranges in djay.

We kindly ask for your patience while we do so. Thanks for your understanding.

I’ll keep you posted here with any news about this fix.


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Thank you so Much @Guillermo for your fast answer🙏🏽

I’m really happy to hear that this is on your working list. I know it’s not the „top rated“ topic here, but I would love to discover all the great Djay features with all my music without loosing my mind to find workarounds for high bpm🤪.

And I’m sorry for „ nearly useless“…Djay for iPad is awesome and It can become one of the best Djay software🖤

I will be patient, as I was for kill-eq/filter update and i will stay with you guys!


So i play a lot of 180-200bpm and higher music. Is there any way to get djay to recognise higher bpms instead of having to work at half time?


It’s 2022 and no response if this will be fixed.


  1. Let us use the “double” button to set the bpm higher
  2. I don’ t mind if sync won’t work when BPM>200. As I won’t even try to mix rock/metal …

Hey @Digital_Self & all,

I found a workaround :smiley:
If you tap the tempo close to the original you can „write“ the correct BPM by yourself and it will be accepted.
Still not PERFECT…still HOPE for an update…it’s TIME :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:


Same issue for me, only way is to tap, but it is not efficient.


Thx for pushing the topic and for the votes​:pray:t4::black_heart:

@Emily any News about this OLD topic. Maybe you can Chat with the Developer team once more. We would be sooooo thankful !


@Sascha_Lassig, This is still on our radar, and I will push it again internally with our team. I’ll keep this thread updated with any news! :pray:


hello I would like to play music at more than 200 bpm, I hope they can implement it soon. Thank you

2 Years & 6 month anniversary for this little topic and it’s featured request.
I just want to ask again, but I also want to mention that it’s a bit annoying
After that long time. If I had the money and the space I would even have
asked a second time.
I see all these updates for all these new controllers and of course it’s important
to get them running natively asap. I do understand this. Unfortunately it gives
still a bad mood, because the hope is there every time I see UPDATE.

If it’s not possible to get this running, tell us. Nothing is more important as transparency.
In case of the code and all the stuff behind it might be much more complicated as to
implement an AI to separate stems or a sensor which „see“ what you are doing with hands.

I just wondering about it, specially as it doesn’t took so much time to implement my first two
Feature requests. I’m not alone with my wish and still hoping for an end where I can mix the sound that makes me happy. Slow music makes me sad😢

Best wishes……looking forward your answer :pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4: