Swipe Down on Musical Note to jump to next song (Like how DJay2 used to work) ??? iOS

Is there any option in iOS Djay Pro AI to make it work like it used to be in DJay2 where when you SIMPLY swiped down on the musical note it would remove the song on that turntable and would load the next song on that turntable? (Also it wouldn’t then load it again it on the other turntable when the current song had finished).

Hi @coffee_king,

In the new djay Pro AI, if you’re using it in Classic Mode with the 2 decks showing, there isn’t a swiping action to load the next song on the decks like the one you’ve shown in your screenshot from djay 2.

However, we’ve added in a lot more flexibility and control in the latest updates to Automix in djay Pro AI, so here are a couple of ideas to achieve the same behavior in the new app.

One way to achieve this is to long-press on the deck’s music icon to either Eject the current deck, or Load Next. Both options lead to the same behavior of loading the next song in the Automix queue when Automix is activated. You can find the options here:

Another option that gives you a lot more control over your playlist is to use the Automix library to select the exact song you’d like to play next, rather than leaving it up to chance. You have the option to drag and drop the song you want to play next to the top of the Up Next queue, which will also automatically load the song into the inactive deck. In addition, you can easily manage which song plays next, or delete songs from the list, by long-pressing on any song in the Automix queue. You can find these options here:

I hope those suggestions help. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

I appreciate your response but using the Load Next/Eject option then brings up issues.
The song that is being ejected then appears again on the opposite turntable when the current song has finished. If you then try to Load Next/Eject it again it then appears again on the other side once that turntable has finished its song. And so on. Without going into the Automix Queue there seems to be no way to fully remove a song. Also this is FAR too many steps to simply NOT play a song and have it load the next one instead.
I am using AutoMix here by the way.
Please advise further. I can provide video evidence if you require it.

Thanks for sharing the additional information about these issues. No video evidence is necessary as I understand exactly what you’re saying. =)

My apologies for not commenting on that in my previous post. This unexpected behavior with the track when using the Eject/Load Next options is indeed something our team is currently investigating. I’ve added your comments to that investigation to push it again internally. We also have another Community Thread about this issue here: Automix, delete track already loaded re-appears.

I’ve noted your feedback about not necessarily wanting to go into the Automix Queue to not play a song and have the next one load instead, and I’ll be happy to pass that along to our Development Team. We really appreciate your feedback as it helps us continually improve. If you have any other feedback or suggestions, please feel free to share.

Great thanks. the SWIPE DOWN option to goto the next song was something I used more than anything else in DJay2 by the way.

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Hey coffee_king,
It’s easier for me to choose a playlist in one of the other modes,
Classic, 2Decks etc… Sort by BPM etc…:
then choose AUTOMIX mode, your playlist will be there and in order of your selected SORT option.
Just hit the START.

I’m already in Classic Mode as you will see from my Screenshot in the original post.

Is there any update on this yet please?

Hi @coffee_king, Thanks for your patience and my apologies for the late reply to your post here.

I wanted to let you know with the latest update to djay Pro AI on iOS (3.8), the issue you shared with the Load Next/Eject options when using Automix should be fixed. Could you please update your app and let us know if you have any additional feedback about this.

Thanks again for your feedback and for your patience. Happy mixing! :headphones:

Sorry I must be quick here

  1. Swipe down on musical note doesnt do anything.
  2. Holding down musical note and pressing Load Next does NOTHING
  3. Holding down musical note and pressing EJECT DOES goto the next song BUT the ejected songs are all just put back onto the end of the playlist AGAIN.