Syncing a collection between Mac and iPad

So, I’ve been using Traktor (on a Mac) for over 10 years and just bought my first iPad. Immediately, I saw how limited in terms of functionality the Traktor DJ 2 app is on an iPad. So, I looked into other DJ app options and landed on Djay.

I’ve got a collection of around 4000 tunes on my Mac delicately sorted into folders. This works great for Traktor and Djay on my Mac. However, it’s kind of clunky in that I have to copy files to a USB from Mac to iPad to perform on an iPad. Also, this doesn’t bring over my playlists and CUEs that I create on my Mac over to the iPad.

Is there a better way, using Google Drive (I’ve already got all my tracks there) that I can sync my collection between (bi-directionally would be awesome!) my Mac and iPad including all collection changes, playlists, cues, etc… ?

Hey @TEHK ,

Thanks for posting about this here in the Community.

The option to sync “My Collection” to other devices is currently not available, but we’ve taken note of your feedback :slight_smile:



@TEHK you can cast your vote to add this feature over here and join in the discussion about some of the work arounds:

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