Syncing My Library Playlists between Devices

Please add the ability to sync the My Library Playlists between devices. I typically create playlists in My Library on my iPad for playing gigs. I like using My Library because of the powerful filtering options and the fact that I can create playlists that contain tracks that are on my devices and in my streaming services. I always bring my iPhone to gigs as a backup in case there’s an issue with my iPad. However, with the current iCloud implementation only Cue Points and Beatgrids are synced between my iPad and iPhone. So I’m forced to manually recreate the playlists again on my iPhone. Thanks.

Hi @Slak_Jaw,

Syncing the My Library across all connected iCloud devices is definitely something we are looking to do in the future. Nevertheless, we are not supporting this behaviour at the moment and it would be great if other users push the topic by sharing their feedback and liking the topic.


i strongly support this topic!


Would be very useful and sensible. Perhaps as a user option to suit everybody’s preference.


This would be a great feature, I would like to be able to plan sets / experiments while out and about and then record on the laptop within a home studio. I think only record box has anything like this at the moment. It would make the djay pro ecosystem more than the sum of its parts. Workflow between devices is as important as workflow within a device. Thanks for the consideration.