TAP Tempo for CUE(d) Track (in addition to Tap BPM)

Imagine the following situation:

You are mixing vinyl (audio, not timecoded DVS) with digital tracks using, for example, a four channel controller / mixer, with two channels assigned to line and two assigned to digital USB.
You are playing a Vinyl with unkown tempo and want to CUE a new digital track in a different deck.

It would be nice to have a TAP Tempo feature where the new cued track could be set to the rhythm of the vinyl track.

Another example where this could be useful is when using hardware sources (like a sampler, a rhythm box or a synth) and mixing them with digital tracks.

Tap tempo exists in the BPM editor, so you could simply tap there to ascertain the tempo, then click ‘revert’.

Thanks for the suggestion but that’s not the same thing I’m proposing and, anyway, event if it was, would be not pratical at all in a live situation.

I didn’t say it was. It’s just a way to find a tempo by using available assets.

I don’t see why it’s not practical. It’s tapping tempo, which is what you want to do.

Hi @MrBig1964,

This idea has actually been brought up here a couple of times by different users and I have already forwarded it onto the dev team for consideration. It’s a good idea. Hopefully the other users will chime in and vote here so we can gauge user demand for this feature. Thanks!

When you are live, with a proper controller, you want the go to your iPad or Mac the less possible. For your suggestion you must click the tempo button, switch to the BPM tab, tap the tempo, click Revert, and get out of the tempo popup. If there was some visible (and MIDI addressable) form to tap a tempo directly would be very useful.

I would very much like this feature as well! And have asked for it on a different thread. I’ll vote for this idea here as well!

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