The new djay pro 5.0 update keeps crashing.

The new djay pro 5.0 update keeps crashing. I need help ASAP!! I have DJ gigs this weekend.

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me too! I have party Friday! When I click with the right mouse button the app closes.

macOS Catalina 10.15.7


I noticed this as well and I also can’t edit metadata. It did work once though but can’t figure out why I can’t edit anything else.

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Yes!! Exactly what happens! I also have
macOS Catilina 10.15.7

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I’m having crossfader issues and sound cut outs. The neuro mix error messages also causes sound drop outs

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Also my rev 1 is unusable . I used my sx2 tonight. No crashes but lots of audio drops outs. It’s like the crossfader goes to sleep. Using a 2023 iPad Pro with latest update

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Hi @henry_davis @brunolima @soundshaper,

I’m sorry to hear that you all have been having issues with the new update.

So that I can better assist you, could you please answer the following questions?

  1. What Mac make/model/year are you using?
  2. What is the exact version number of macOS that you are running?
  3. Is this right-click crash easily reproducible? If so, please list the steps leading to this outcome so we can try to reproduce the issue.

Looking forward to hearing back from you all. Have a nice day!

Hi @Five-0,

Thanks for sharing your recent findings since the update. We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been encountering these issues, though!

Could you please create a new topic/thread describing your issue so that we can make sure your problem does not improperly get lumped into this thread, specifically regarding new crashes?

Thanks so much!

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Hi @Buddha_Stretch,

We appreciate you sharing this screenshot with us, and we want to know more about this issue.

Could you also please create a new topic/thread describing your issue so that we can make sure your problem does not improperly get lumped into this thread, specifically regarding new crashes?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Nathaniel.
I understand that launching new features also brings new problems. a present support that listens to us and fixes it immediately is what makes us continue to use the app. thank you for your support.

  1. Macbook Air 11 (Mid 2012) Core i5 1,7GHz
  2. macOS Catalina 10.15.7
  3. Yes, it’s very easy. Just click the right button and the app closes. I’ll make a video.


the video:

Same here. macOS Catalina. As soon as you right click on the mouse for anything it kills the program.

I thought something like this would happen so I installed 5.0 on another laptop thinking my DjayproAI would be safe.

Well, my DJ computer was on wifi and Apple upgraded it anyway.

Is there anyway to go back to the older software? I looked on my App store purchases and ironically my djay pro 2 is there for download BUT my 08/2022 DjProAI download is not.

To top it off, my Neuromix hasn’t worked since I got the PRO AI in 08/2022.

If someone has an “installer” or a zip for the older DJPROAI 4 series. I’d like to talk.

@djerniefromjersey YouTube
813-598-2902 US Tampa Florida

Guys download the latest update 5.1, No more crashes on Catalina. Any way, Big Thumbs Up for team for this very quick update!


Hi Nathaniel,
You and your team were incredible! The 5.1 update resolved it and now the app is working perfectly again and on time for the party I’m having today Friday.
Thank you all so much for your incredible support!!! :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

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That’s so cool man. Now you can rock your party.

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Hello everyone, in case you missed it, 5.0.1 has been released for iOS and macOS:

  • Improved VoiceOver accessibility
  • Improved beat jump and loop behavior when beat grid contains tempo changes
  • Improved sync behavior when ending a scratch
  • Fixed beat grid edits not being applied to same song on other deck
  • Fixed missing pitch fader UI feedback when using MIDI pickup mode (iOS only)
  • Fixed stability issues on macOS 10.15
  • Bugfixes and improvements
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Hey Bruno ,

Since you guys are in the giving mood, can we get the old bigger cue markers?

The new ones are pretty small…


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Damn, wrong person! Meant to send to slak jaw!