The New forum has an absolute horrific layout and feel

The New forum has an absolute horrific layout and feel, i just cant bear to use it. Cant you go back to a more visually appealing GUI?

its just all over the place and doesnt entice users to comment or join in.

hard to explain but its just plain awful, sorry.

I like the new forum. It has great overview I think and after they explain how the „vote-system“ works it is even better. I like the idea to get different levels, because if the ppl know about it could improve the communication in the forum.
Bum bum :pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4:

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Doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as busy as the old forum either.

Can’t say if there has been more action in the old forum, but maybe the people still don’t know about it :man_shrugging:t2:. i guess after It was a longtime offline and it will take some time to get big again.

I like it. Much better than the old one!


You heard me. The old one was WAAAY better.

Why does it suck in your opinion? Make a good point, please

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Hi @Mic_Mac,

I’ve moved your post over to this thread as it is related to the same topic. Please feel free to share any specific feedback you may have about the forum and any suggestions for improvements you’d like to see here. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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