The update made it harder to blend!!

since the update, whenever i try to bring a track in with a blend, it track im attempting to bring in starts lagging then it will speed up, won’t come straight in in temp, its weird…how can this be fixed?

And how can i access my spotify library in the new dj pro?

I have no issues with syncing. I use the Sync Master to set the other Deck to Sync Master and then I Sync. 2 Mapi commands on the Sync Button.

i personally like DJay Pro so much that I learned to live with many bugs I found.

Let be positive . We should help Allgoritm to do a better job in managing expectations of their customers here. We are all fans of Allgorithm. They have a very good product.

It is very important for Allgorithm to get more customers to earn money to pay their developer Team. I understand this.

Thanks for your feedback. Could you send us a couple of tracks where this happens so we can look into this?

Hey there,

it would be helpful to reproduce the explained speed ups and the stopping of one track. Therefore, can you remember which tracks you mixed while the sync was misbehaving and send us the files via

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey there,

we are very sorry to hear that, could you please send us a video of the issue, that would help us a lot to fix the issue.

Thank you for sharing your feedback, we will do our best in order to fix the issue as fast as possible.

Lukas E.

Hey Joseph,

we are very sorry to hear that. Are you able to record the explained behaviour,
that would help us a lot. You can send the video to

Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Joseph Watt,

I am sorry for the delayed response.

We replied to your mails and hope to sort out the problem as fast as possible.
We definitely dont ignore sent mails or data.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Much better software in mt opinion also. Plus they don’t offer cheesy hardware give aways to try to win votes

Thanks for responding Luke,but it’s a software issue,the actual songs don’t matter because it happens with all tracks. While a track is playing in deck 1,if we try to bring in a track on deck 2,it will lag then speed up,even when the bpm’s are synced…and this just started when the update came out

So I’ve discovered a work-around for the lagging problem. When you load a track into a deck, you have to pause it, then play it for it to not have the lag…if you load the track and it starts playing automatically and you hit one of your cue points, its going to lag everytime.

So just pause it, then play it, then you’ll be fine…


Please fix this ASAP, I use this app for pro use and it’s been the best out there. Please get onto this asap.

Annoying I know!!

If you are using sync and not manually beat matching (which is pretty impossible anyway as there is no extra zero after the decimal point on the BPM count) then turn off ‘auto-sync bpm’ in preferences.

The best way I figured to use sync when bringing in a new track is to press play first (if you hit sync first sometimes it syncs to the wrong beat!) then press sync after a few seconds, then turn sync off straight away, this is the only way you can do it.

If you leave sync on the software seems to calculate as it is going along, so it results in some strange slowing / speeding up effects, this has always been the case, even before the update. Maybe this is because it doesn’t have quantise? Who knows? But it needs tweaking.

It’s annoying, and I’ve sent emails to support about this with video evidence of the syncing to the wrong beat etc, but it never gets resolved, I sent videos over a year ago, still nothing!

Hey Joe- did you also notice that DJP will not access any iTunes tracks where FILE / KIND is Protected AAC. It was fine before this new release?? WTF??

I’m having the same issues. I was mixing today and had two tracks synced and all of a sudden one froze and the mix went off. Then the other day one track randomly sped up and slowed down on its own. These issues have surfaced multiple times since the latest update. I tested out Serato just to see if it was my laptop, but I’ve had no issues with Serato and didn’t have any issues prior to the update. Anyone else please chime in if you’ve had similar issues. If enough people say something, maybe Algoriddim will do something about it. Can’t use this in a party environment as it currently happens daily.

Not sure what you mean by send a couple of tracks. It happens on random tracks. I was mixing with sync on and two tracks in loop mode and all of a sudden sync turned off and the tracks went way off beat even though they were cued up at the same bpm. Let me know what I have to do to help you help me. Thanks/

A shame really. I see this all the time having worked for many different companies in different fields through my career. Company with good product, but poor customer service. Very frustrating as I’ve also (along with 10 or so other users) sent in requests for basic fixes to issues that have arisen over 4 years ago. 4 years??? Unbelievable . Not even a response as to why in 4+ years a simple correction cannot be made.

RE: Speed ups and going out of sync for no reason in 1.4.3:
So it’s not me on bad drugs! Yes unfortunately this happens a lot with the speeding up, strange pitch bending wlldly like it’s being “pulled” around, etc.

The “out of sync” I especially notice on accappella’s of songs finishing, or things that don’t have a strong beat as it’s ending. It grabs both tracks and slows it waaaaaaaaaay down like 4-6 BPM slower for a few seconds, then suddenly when the exiting song ends WHAM! it speeds back up. The ONLY way around it is to turn SYNC off completely and do manual alignments.

Like others have said, it’s a software glitch. It’s not like I can take the same tracks at the same location and just recreate it over and over. It just happens this time, then not that time. That’s a glitch. It’s definitely “SYNC” related because it ONLY happens when SYNC it activated.

Any hope of this getting fixed anytime soon? I really really really move this program on my Touch Bar laptop, but for live performance I made need to search elsewhere. PLEASE don’t let that happen.

They asked for audio files and specific examples of these behaviors. I’m a beta tester for Apple (hardware and software) for the past 15 years. When I read this request here on the forum and people were complaining either “too random” or “what my whole library? it does it on everything”, I went into “beta mode”.

That means literally keeping detailed logs, etc. I was able to find 6 different types of glitches AND they were duplicatable. That’s the key here. To be able to recreate. Being able to find an error and make it repeat each time? To a beta tester that like winning the lottery. It s the “I can’t make it happen again” that drives us crazy as those are very hard to reproduce.

But I was able to provide 12 songs - 6 crossfades - featuring 6 different types of glitches and sent them to their support team. I’ve not heard a word. Not even an email stating they even received anything ever. That’s s not a good sign.

Hopefully they got them. I sent it to the email address they list on here. I even sent step by step instructions on how to make it glitch as well as screen shots of all preference settings and the sysdiagnotics file detailing the computer system setups at the time of the glitch (literally a system wide screen shot) as it’s happening as well.

By the way these all happened LIVE so not good.

Since I haven’t heard from them let me share some findings with you guys.

The macOS version seems to be the main culprit here. I tested all these on both the 2016 touch bar laptop and the 17" 2011 laptop too. and received identical results so that illuminates things like incompatible processors, etc. But when I tried to duplicate these on the iPad Pro it did NOT do it. Well there’s something. At least I pointed them in the right direction.

Also to stop the bizarre slow down, speed up, pitch bending… if you’re exiting track is lacking in activity (beats, rhythmic pulses or has accappellas, etc) before it gets to the end (maybe 10 seconds from the end) take off the SYNC function. It did stop the embarrassing aspect when live. But again this is on the computer version. I was able to leave SYNC on on my iPad Pro no issues.

If I find more workarounds I will post

Joseph Watt
Razormaid Productions

Actually I sent you guys 6 different emails complete with the audio tracks, step by step instructions on how to make it glitch over and over every time - yet I’ve not heard back from you guys on any of them. Why send a video when you can recreate yourself?

I sent 6 because there were 6 different anomalies each requiring its own “ticket” as if I was submitting these to the beta director at Apple. We are not allowed to “stack” multiple errors in a single ticket so I extended you guys the same courtesy.

It’s very odd not to receive a single response like “we received your submissions blah blah blah”. In case you had some fierce firewall issues receiving emails with attachments, after each submission I then sent an email of the step by step instructions with a statement “I’m sending this so you’ll know I sent audio files to go find”, but even normal emails have gone without any notification whatsoever.

Could someone acknowledge they found their way to your support team?

Joseph Watt
Razormaid! Productions