theres no low pass high pass filter that can be assigned fx button

I’m going through Djay connected with the new wego3…I found the basic and most essential effect that i always use is the 'high low pass filter. Yet this is the effect that’s missing from the essentials fx pack which means it can’t be assigned to an fx button on the wego3. Please please can you add it to the essentials pack. Thanks

I prefer the Wego 2 because it has the filter control assignable to the jog wheel.

Any news yet? Has there been a firmware update to address the issue?

Hey Lukas - any news? it shouldn’t be very difficult to add the lpf/hpf to the fx list… Really not understanding why Algoriddim won’t address this. shame; they’re usually pretty good with this stuff.

Still no news on this?


Its a shame algoriddim is forcing us to leave djay to use WeDJ. I guess once they get our money for the app it’s a “we don’t care” attitude. It would have been so easy for them to assign LP/HP filter to the fx bank… they just choose not to.

Hi, I’ve just bought a DDJ WEGO3 and I love it; however, it really does need an option to assign the filter to the jog wheels. Basically the equivalent of the filter knob on Pioneer mixers. I don’t understand the reluctance to implement this as it’s a really great effect and one that many DJs use.

Any update on this?

Not heard anything.

Hi, also impacted on wego3, the good news is that Pioneer just released their own iPad app for wego4 and it’s also compatible with wego3 !

So can you please catch’up with this ? It’s as simple as making of the filter a choice in the FX list !

Still nothing ! after two year !

I guess the newly released Wego4 users are also impacted as it’s the exact same layout as the Wego3.

Is it so hard to just put the filter FX into the FX list ?

I agree that it isn’t only about putting it in the FX list. This filter sounds terrible. I gave a try using Djay on a Mac during my last year-end gig and I felt the crowd disliked the agressivity of the filter. It’s actually better when used on the touch screen but I decided to switch to Traktor during the night because of this issue.
Next time I’ll use it in external mixer mode with my MP2014 for which there is no question about the quality of the filters ! Too bad this mode isn’t available on iOS !

It’s not about firmware but actually having the filter among the list of FX on Djay itself.

Not fixed yet.

There no need for any firmware to be updated.

Two fixes possible :

  • A customized mapping similar to the Wego4 that uses one of the EQ knobs as filter
  • Algoriddim adds the filter in the FX list so as one can assign it to the WeGo 3’a jogs.

The issue is just about the fact we can currently not assign the “Filter” on anything else than a knob separate from FX.

All other software do include that filter in their FX list. I don’t see why Algoriddim Djay Pro couldn’t.

Maybe we can try and install the wego4 firmware on the wego3. But yeah wego4 fw has to get an update in order to be downloadable. Weird that even the wego 2 has a filter…

The pass filter is usually controlled by a knob or a slider but not as an “audio effect” button. The previous WeGO models had a “jogwheel mode” with which you could control the filter. However, the new WeGO 3 does not have a designated knob/ctrl for the filter.

However, I do see your point and I’ll change this post into a feature request.

By the way, you know that you can easily access the pass filter in the EQ tools right?

Yes, in the end that’s how I started to use it last night. Thanks warren. Also I will be posting about other things I’m noticing with the new wego . Sorry in advance for so many posts lol.

It’s a really fun little controller and feels quite natural to use with the layout. It’s good that you can assign three fx to buttons which you can’t do on the reloop beatpad. I did exchange it for the reloop in the end, but because I needed more ‘control’ over the app -more buttons overall.

I originally posted this one year ago…

This post is 2 years old & still not addressed…