Things getting worse not better. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?

It’s with massive regret I write this as I LOVE this software.

Last few updates are pure and utterly trash …

Waveform syncing still not working (months of issues)
SYNC takes forever to sync up use to be instant
Search issues in MacOS and iPadOS
No extended support (like effects and booth output) for standard controllers like DDJ 800

What is happening ?

It’s now just an isolated incident - Fix the issues rather than NEW versions.

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Hi @saxmj13,

Thanks for sharing your feedback and for reporting these issues with the latest updates. Sorry to hear about your experience! Also, my apologies for the delayed response here to your post. I’d like to help in any way I can.

First, since it’s been awhile since you’ve posted this thread, could you please tell me if you’ve already been helped individually by our Support Team (e.g., via email)?

If not, could you tell me if the issues you’ve raised here have persisted on the latest updates available in the App Store?

Thanks in advance.

Good afternoon Emily,

Thank you of getting back to me. I haven’t had any other correspondence with anyone else at Algoriddim and have updated to latest versions of software on Mac App Store 4.01 two weeks ago.

The main issues for using the software in a live environment is the sync and waveform issues these have been kicking around for a while since the M1 Macs and does not seem to be an issue on my older laptop. The issue is covered in : Waveform sync on macOS

Thankfully some search issues have been fixed on iPad and Macos versions.

Extended support for controllers would be a great addition things like Pioneer effects and using the effects knobs and buttons and also booth support etc

I really hope these things can be fixed or added as I really like using the software for live performances and if it isn’t reliable I can’t use or recommend it.


Thanks for the quick reply, and for sharing the additional information and feedback.

I’ve noted the information provided (and will push this again internally) for the sync issue covered in the other Community thread: Waveform sync on macOS.

Regarding extended support for controllers, is there a specific model(s) of hardware that you’re looking for djay to support more fully?

Thank you for pushing this on, as its a deal breaking issue.

Controllers from Pioneer DDJ 800 - DDJ 10000 and other controllers with effects knobs and buttons.
I understand there is limited support at the moment but a more comprehensive support would be amazing. Thanks


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