Waveform sync on macOS

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Having been a long term iPad owner I am used to the waveforms staying in sync when both tracks are playing, I.e. beat 1 on track A lines up with beat 1 on track B, and then all the beats stay in sync throughout, 1 matches 1, 2 matches 2, 3 matches 3 etc…
This is regardless of the beat sync interval being set to 1 or 4, so I know my issue is not due to that setting.
The problem I have is that on my new M1 MBP sometimes the waveforms are in sync and sometimes they are both running at different speeds only meeting and matching on the 1st beat of a bar.
Sometimes they stay synced up and sometimes they both run at different speeds with no real way of knowing which mood they’ll be in when I hit play….
Any clues / hints / advice / tips etc as to how I can make them always stay in sync on each beat welcomed!
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I have been experiencing this exact same problem for a while now as well. For me it seems to be isolated to certain tracks. In particular acapellas played alongside the full versions of the tracks. I reported this to tech support months ago and was told this was normal sync behavior. I disagree…

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Hi @sooteee,

This is very interesting. Would you mind creating a video of this issue on your MacBook and posting it to this community thread?

Looking forward to helping you out!


Hi Nathaniel, I’ve uploaded a video (IMG_0502.MOV) under my username to the Dropbox - User File Request area for you to see.

It’s only a short video but does show the sync problem. If you need something longer let me know.

Never seen the issue at all on the iPad Pro, my old iPad Air, nor the iPhone (various models), it’s only the MBP which seems to do it.

If you’re trying to add in fx, loops, drop in a sample etc it’s really off putting as you can imagine.

Thanks for looking into this anyway.


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Any update on this?

I did what you asked but it all went silent on me?

Hi @sooteee,

Thank you for sending in the video. It was very helpful!

Do you mind answering the following questions below?

  1. Are you able to reproduce this issue every time on your M1 MBP or is this issue only occasional?

  2. Are you using tracks from your local library or are they from a streaming service such as Tidal?

  3. Could you provide me with a few tracks (files or just the names and their location) that you have this issue with on your M1 MBP so that we can try to recreate the issue on our end?

Looking forward to your reply!


It’s a difficult one to reproduce as it seems to be quite random.

I will send you some tracks when I’ve managed to nail a couple down that seem to trigger it.

One thing I have noticed though is that it seems to happen when there’s a a largish gap between the track’s original BPMs and they are Synced.

I.e. one could be around -8% and the other around +8%. When these things align it seems to throw it out.

I’ll report back with more details or track updates soon.


Completely agree it is random. I am having same issue. Never had this issue on my olde MBP 16 i9 but happening more regularly on new MBP M1 Max - happened mid set and waveforms never pulled back into sync but the beat sync seemed to be correct.

To sync clips using audio waveform data, select Use audio for *synchronization · To show the custom settings, click cps test Use Custom Settings. · If you want to change …
Having been a long term iPad owner I am used to the waveforms staying in sync when both tracks are playing, I.e. beat 1 on track A lines up with …

Is this a bug, or does beatsync simply just fail?

I click beat sync for songs that normally sync together very easily (follow the cursor). Notice how it “matches” then unmatches?

In the video I adjusted the tempo too to see if that would help. Currently doesn’t seem like any pattern of buttons leading to this, it seems to happen on its own.

Let me know if I can provide more details!

Is there a button i’m pressing wrong or a setting?

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Hi there,

This is the same issue that I have brought up here.

In your video the waveforms are doing what I described, the actual track bpm is staying in sync, and if you notice they do sync up on the 1st beat of each bar but apart from that they both run at different speeds.

This makes all manner of things really difficult to time as it’s hard making sense of what’s going on.

You haven’t mentioned in your post but are you by any chance using a new M1 MBP 2021? Those of who have experienced this behaviour all seem to be on the new hardware.

Have you noticed any patterns emerging as to when this happens? For me it’s totally random and one day it’ll go ‘all over the place’ and the next the exact same songs stay in sync perfectly. This makes it even harder to try and pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

If you do notice any trend though, please let us know.

Maybe if one of the mods can merge these two threads together so we can track any progress on this bug in the same place?

In the meantime, we feel your pain and hopefully this can get sorted in a future update.



Thanks for the response!

Just realized this definitely does not happen on my non-M1 computer.
I will use that computer for now for anything live.

And will follow up with any patterns identified.

The other thread would be best to keep open instead of this one.

Hi @desk_envelope,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

Major thanks to @sooteee for your assistance in this thread as well.

I will be merging this thread with the old thread in question (Waveform Sync on macOS) for continued review.