Tidal not showing on Library in older version of djay

Hi, after drying my eyes findng out that Spotify has finally stopped working I’ve no choice but to sign up with Tidal.
I use Djay 1.2.1 (Yes i know its old but im simple)

I don’t want to change the version i have, but how do i get TIDAL showing like spotify does in the library?


Further to the above…my macbook only runs up to 10.11.6 and I cant even download djay from the app store as its saying I need 10.14.4 or later?! this aint going well

Can djay 2, 3 or 4 have tidal? If so where can u download or purchase these?

Hi @Chris_Stocks,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Please note that due to Spotify’s decision to no longer be playable through any 3rd party DJ app, this service hasn’t been accessible in djay for quite some time now. This was announced last year in an official post on the Community as of July 1, 2020. You can see the original post here: Future of streaming in djay .

djay currently offers several streaming service options that provide millions of songs and/or videos for you to play and mix in djay, including TIDAL (as you’ve mentioned), SoundCloud, Beatport and Beatsource LINK.

Please note that these streaming service options were never available in the much older djay versions, such as djay 1.2.1, that you’ve mentioned you have. These options were added with djay Pro 2, and now are also currently available in djay Pro AI.

In addition, the older djay versions are now legacy apps, which means they are no longer for sale, and there is limited support available. In addition, many of the older djay apps on macOS are not supported on newer macOS versions. You can find more information in our FAQ:

As you’ve said your device can only be updated to macOS 10.11.6, you may be able to use TIDAL on your device with djay Pro 2. Please reach out to our Support Team via email for further individual assistance with this. Be sure to mention this Community thread, and they’ll be able to help you further. Thanks for your understanding!

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