Tidal updated Terms of Service & Price Increase

Hm,. apparently so it’s not certain yet?
But thank you for your quick answers. I’m going to keep an eye on it and for now then just hobby around.
Or does Apple Music get along with Neural, or do they not have the dance /dj library that Tidal for example has? (I’m just mentioning, am still a bit searching in that).

Tidal neural stem control coming soon with additional dj paid addon. Apple Music no neural stem control at this time.

Clear !
Thank you all

Yep, this for me. I’d say offline locker is way more important to me than stems. That will make the decision as to whether to stick with tidal or move to Apple music.

I mean, I’d very much appreciate stems coming back, but it’s not a deal breaker. Currently prefer the tidal catalogue to apple music but not by so much that I’d pay nearly double for what is a fairly small number of tracks.

I may have to reconsider my statement after sampling a free trial of Apple music, it’s not good.
Once you open up your previously purchased Itunes library with the cloud and try to navigate streaming tracks with your local files it turns into a complete mess.
Apple just completly takes over your library, tracks get duplicated, go missing and appear all over the place in playable and unplayable formats.
Tidal is much easier to manage so the new prices may just be a turd sandwich I’m going to have to eat.

Thanks for the update @daniel_curley. I am also trying to understand whether Apple is a better solution. From your experience seems many will have to swallow the price hike. Do you think Apple with a complete streaming setting (e.g. no to very few local files) will be a better scenario or will Apple always be messy? Thanks.

Streaming only would work I guess, It’s very similar to Tidal in that sense.
The only real difference is you have to be a bit more carefull and organised with Apple as it will try to think for you.
I’ve only started using Apple within the last year so I’ll confess I’m not that savvy with it.
My suggestion would be to try it out for yourself but make sure you have a good backup of your current (if any) local files, and also make sure you don’t have auto download enabled.
I ended up deleting my library and reinstalling from a backup it got so messy.

Apple asumes that you want ALL of your music everywhere all at once which is not the case for DJs

Ok, thanks. Then no hybrid mode rather stream only seems the way. Just to confirm that stem separation works with Apple?

I am trying to save myself a bit of work, since migrating all Tidal playlist to Apple will be quite a task.


Don’t think you get stems/neural

No, tried it - no stems with Apple music

To avoid Apple Music taking over your local library, Digital DJ Tips made a really good and easy-to-use recommendation: Just use a separate account for your Apple Music subscription. On desktop, never use this account with Music.app and you should be good.


But it doesn’t hurt either. Especially with Djay Pro, which can also be used across devices, it can be practical to have everything to hand at all times.

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The way Apple does this can be troublesome for DJs because Apple fingerprints all of your music and then replaces that music with their own matching version. If you’re unlucky, that version is different from your version, plus it can produce weird results for your beat grids. That’s the experience I made and troubleshooting this was no fun at all so I’m staying away as far as possible from this solution.

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Thanks for the tips guys.
I’ve taken a free month subscription for Apple music so I’ll have a play with a few of these suggestions and see if I can get it under control.
I’m sure once I get clued in I can make it work somehow.

I subscribed to the Tidal DJ extension today but still getting the “no neural mix” error message in djay Pro on MacOS. Anyone else experiencing this? Does it need an update for djay?

Not to be picky

, but we are now paying for a service that was advertised as working with djay, and it’s still not working. How soon is this update expected? I wouldn’t have started paying for it yet if I knew it wasn’t ready to use with the knot dj software I use…

Seems like if it’s not soon, those of us paying for it should be issued some kind of credit by either Algoriddim or Tidal for false advertising since they said it would work with djay and it doesn’t.

The new djay update will be released very soon…


I think we can all agree it’s much better to wait few days so algoriddam nails the integration to be a really good user experience for us all. Not ideal as some have paid already for Tidal but at least we all know it’s coming very soon.