Tidal won't Load with other Streaming Services

So you can’t mix Beatsource with Tidal??

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Hi @E_Flem, can you please explain in more detail what the issue is? Are you saying that you are only able to use one streaming service at a time?
I checked on my iPad running djay Pro 5 and I can load from Tidal, Beatport, Tidal and SoundCloud and mix them with no issues.

Thanks for the screen shot. Well that’s a new one!

Is there an option in Tidal to allow?

I think it’s a 5.1 glitch

I spoke with the dev team and this is not a bug. Here is the official statement:

“TIDAL has recently updated their Terms of Service. Under these new terms, stem separation and the mixing of TIDAL streams with third-party streaming services are not supported. We realize the inconvenience this change may cause to you and appreciate your understanding on this matter. DJ software providers are required to adhere to these terms and we continue to work closely with TIDAL to explore solutions to ensure a creative and flexible access to the TIDAL catalog for our users. Other playback related features are unaffected and continue to operate as expected. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.”

It’s time to go to Amazon or Deezer

I have logged in to Tidal in DJay Pro and when I load a track from Tidal I get the error message “Tracks from TIDAL cannot be loaded at the same time as tracks from another streaming service.”

Anyone familiair with this error message? I tried to Google but get no results on this error message.

@Hans_de_Vries I’ve merged your topic with this existing one. Please see the official note regarding this above.

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Just discovered this myself! I have a gig tonight and this presents a huge problem. I had a gig on Thursday where I could use other streaming platforms SoundCloud and now suddenly I can’t. Very poor from Algoriddim

@Decks1971 sorry about this, but as stated above this is unfortunately outside of our control.

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Yup, when I eject the other songs from the player it works. Thanks again fro your prompt reply :slight_smile:

Real dick move from Tidal to do this on a weekend before gigs and with no prior announcement. We are shown again and again that we shouldn’t trust the streaming world and should keep our setup local only.

Personally, after having been burnt by Spotify being removed*, I’ve moved to local files only. I keep my eyes open for streaming services but reading experiences like this shows me that it was the right decision.

*at that time with a pre-announcement months in advance, thankfully


It perhaps it should have been a consideration befoe launching 5 or acknowledged to current djay subscribers that this would be the situation. Did Algoriddim know of the situation prior to launch? I have based the purchase of my controller around the djay app and unfortunately the represents a major issue in terms of my being able to use it moving forward. Here’s hoping there is a prompt resolution


@Decks1971 I understand your frustration. I feel the same. Unfortunately, we were given no notice of this either. This has nothing to do with djay Pro 5.0. djay 4.x is also affected along with all other DJ software.



All dj software is in the same boat. Tidals decision not Algorithms. Beatsource is very good. Transfer your tidal playlists to beatsource.


I have 2 iPads one with the 5.1 update and that’s the one not allowing both services from running at the same time - the other iPad ver 4.1.10 is fine… Sooooo it looks like it’s an issue with the software not Tidal as they mentioned before_ also tested with my Mac running ver 4.1.10 and it works… unless ver 5 is somehow tied to Tidal’s new policies???

This is yet just another reason to own your own music and not rely entirely on streaming services.

Music has never been cheaper and just about everything is available…

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