Timeout loading Spotify track information.

Just keep getting that error.

Accounts sync. Library appears. Tracks will not load. Neither native or web based from Spotify. Internet connection is good.

MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010)
2.66 GHz Intel Core i7
8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 MB
OSX Yosemite 10.10.2 (14C1514)

Have tried password reset. Uninstall / reinstall both programs. No Luck.

Also running Denon Dn-MC600 as controller. Heard that might cause problems. Any thoughts?

There was one response from 3 months ago, then one from 18 days ago, then 9 more all from today. There is some kind of service outage going on.

But yeah, I rely on Spotify to work! I came here to complain as well.

I’ve tried logging in and out, restarting djay, changing spotify bitrate preference. Nothing working yet.

Yeah. I just realize how much I don’t want to have to rely on everything being just so in order to perform. I guess I should also download backups of my favorites.

It’s back up for me too.

I feel bad for people who had gigs today.

Can Algoriddim staff give us a reason and some assurance that their solution will stick? Spotify integration is kind of the killer feature over the other options. It’s definitely why I paid for pro. Or should I just never rely on Spotify working when I need it most?

It was working for me just fine when I DJ’d just two nights ago and now none of my Spotify tracks are loading!!! UGH! Let’s all keep each other posted.

So do I! This sucks.

Yesterday’s service issue has been resolved and loading Spotify tracks in djay Pro should work normally again. Our sincere apologies for the outage.

The outage was on the Spotify server side and affected many or most of their 3rd party apps. We don’t have any more detailed information, but rest assured that Spotify is working constantly on providing the most reliable service and we are in close touch with them regarding any issues.

I’m in the same boat here. Can’t load anything. Tried logging in and out of spotify, restarting the app. Not sure what to do…

This is possibly a licensing issue between Algoriddim and Spotify if this is happening to multiple people today.

And yes it is happening to me!!! It’s my birthday!! Party starts in 2 hours!!! Need to mix some tunes!!!

I will just load Spotify on it’s own. Will not be as much fun but oh well. Algoriddim needs to implement a phone number so people can call in and bitch. Line would stay busy but its better than email and they are probably all off today.

I have one Spotify Track out of 93 working!! :slight_smile:
Really looks like someone didn’t pay a bill or flipped a switch on either end accidentally.

Oh my God! Today I bought a macbook pro only to run djay with spotify, installed the demo version, and see the message I get: timeout loading spotify integration. WTF?

It’s back thanks jesus.

Had exactly the same issue myself tonight, DJ using DJAY PRO several times a week and left me in the shit tonight, having to use 2 macbooks and mix audio by ear using just Spotify. Compensation Algoriddim to loyal customers and ASAP !!! I tried deleting the software, re-installing it, 2 different premium logins and still nothing. This needs sorting asap, I had DJAY 2 running fine on my ipad but kinds makes the money I’ve spent on 2 Reloop Beatpads somewhat of a piss take. Disgruntled tonight doesn’t even come close !!!

I had a gig today, unfortunately I had to use spotify only. Shitty, but i made it work… Hopefully I don’t have to do that again.

Can you play the concerned tracks via the default Spotify app / website?

Ok, we’ll have a look into this issue. Just to make sure: You’re internet connection is fine when this is happening, right?