Touchstrip on X1 with Djay

Hi all,

I love Djay AI and need to replace my controller (I currently have an S2 which works well but has finally given up on me).

I’m thinking of going down the modular route for various reasons - and am considering a mix of the Traktor modular controllers (X1 and Z1 possibly).

I know these don’t work natively but can work through midi.

One specific question: Can the touchstrip on the X1 be made to work with Djay? I’d be keen on using it for:

  • Adjusting the grid
  • Adjusting the playhead (just to for example get a cue point in the right place)
  • Ideally I’d love to use it to play loop effects too like in traktor (i.e. pressing it in a particular place and getting a repeated quarter, eighth or sixteenth beat).

I’m guessing as long as the touchstrip outputs midi and that can be altered with the “shift” key all this should be possible but I’d be keen to know if anyone has tried it.


It’s been a while since I owned the X1, but if it’s assignable as a user mapping in the controller editor, the touch strip should be treated as any other MIDI signal. You’ll need to check with NI though. If that’s the case, you can assign it to a MIDI command.

There’s a community-maintained list of MIDI commands in this thread: List of available MIDI actions in djay

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