Tracks randomly pauses without touches anything. Continues when I press play.

Hey I´m using Djay pro AI, and I have a gig at one of the cities biggest clubs saturday.

I have major issue tho, every now and then the track playing randomly stops. This happens both when I´m playing local files as well as streamed files, and it happens on two diffrent brand of controllers. It cleanly stops, and when I press play it continues. Djay Pro AI is updated to the latest version. The tracks are fully loaded.

Please help! Need to solve this before saturday!

Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this…
It’s happened to me on 3 separate occasions in the last 2 months but only once during the night…with the last time being last Saturday Night…
Like you, pressing play and it starts again with no further problems
Ipad 9th Gen with Rane One and at the time I was on Dj 4.1.1 and 4.1.2.
Yesterday I updated to 4.1.3 so will see if that fixes the issue…

I have also the same issue from time to time glad I do pre cue. But is very disturbing you never know when is happening again if you are on gig. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::face_with_monocle::roll_eyes::grimacing:

Ok so it seems to be an issue rather than a random one off thing…
Emily, could you please bring this up with the developers?

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To give some more details, thus happens both on the Reloop Buddy and on a Pioneer controller, several times on both ones. Although at completely random times. But the solution was slightly different om each controller.

On the Pioneer I just had to press play, and it kept playing. On the Buddy however I had to touch the touchwheel and than press play.

There might be more than one issue involved and I’m only going to be using the Pioneer from now on. But the issue MIGHT, be related to the touchwheel. Forthermore, the track stops cleanly, not like when you press pause and the track slows down before pausing, but stops instantly as if I touched the touchwheel

Exactly the same thing with the Rane One,As it has moving platters, the platters stop instantly and pressing play restarts it. Last saturday night it happened only once during the night, around 3 hrs into the set

I thought it was random. I had this occur twice this week on the Rane One as well.

Alright, so it sounds like we have an issue here.

Guys do me me a favor and turn off the Bluetooth on your computers when playing from now on and let’s see if that makes a difference.

Just a hunch, but let’s try it.

The three times it has happened to me was always on the left deck.
Can anyone confirm if they had a similar situation?

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Hi @djgoldielock, @maurizio_T, @Digital_Jedi, and @MrG,

Thanks for reporting this bug and also for sharing your individual experiences and steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot the issue. Given that several of you are reporting a similar experience across different controllers, it seems likely we may indeed have a deeper issue going on here with djay.

Just to confirm, is everyone on this thread experiencing this with both local files and with streaming sources?

And it sounds like this has occurred with the following controllers:

  2. Reloop Buddy
  3. a Pioneer controller (@djgoldielock - could you please tell me which one exactly?)

Please let me know if I’m missing any others in this list.

And if anyone else on this thread can confirm that it’s only on one deck, as @maurizio_T reported, or if it happens on both decks, that would be helpful information for the Dev Team’s investigation as well.

Thanks, All, for your help troubleshooting this! Looking forward to the additional information.

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Thanks Emily for looking into this…
As I said, it only happened once per night during a 5-6 hour set and at least 3-4 hours into it if that helps.
I have also looked into my midi settings to see if any dial or button was accidentally set to stop/pause the left deck but nothing was out of the ordinary.

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Just an idea, but are you by any chance using AirPods? When they (auto-)connect to your Mac you might end up accidentally triggering play/pause in djay by tapping the AirPods.

Yep, only on left deck a couple times, thankful not on gig. Mine comes with a total frieze of my iPad pro when it happens, requiring an app restart. Just a pause and restart with play button on the left deck on the desk top version, however.

No, not wearing airpods.
It just randomly happens but no ipad freezing on my part, just pausing and pressing play re starts it with no further issues for the rest of the set

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Ok this happened again to me last night whilst at a gig,
Left deck stops and I noticed the cue points on the track that I had loaded on the right deck disappeared but as soon as I re loaded the track again, they came back…

So what I have worked out so far,
It Always happens on the Left Deck,
Track just stops and pressing Play restarts it without any issues.
This happens after approximately 2 hours of playing, it doesn’t appear to happen again during the night.

Can we have this escalated to the Dev team and is there any information I can provide to assist with investigating the glitch…

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Hey @maurizio_T @DJZULU96 @MrG @djgoldielock @Digital_Jedi ,

Thanks for keeping an eye on this thread and for promptly reporting your most recent experience with this issue.

Sure thing, we’ll escalate this to our Dev Team, so they can take a closer look.

Before I do, could you please confirm the following information:

  • The MacOS device(s) you have experienced this with
  • The MacOS version of the device(s)
  • The version number of your djay app
  • The steps to take in order to reproduce the issue
  • Any other detail which you believe would help during the investigation

We’ll be on the lookout for your next reply. Cheers!

Thanks Cam for the reply, this is an urgent issue as it is literally like a ticking time bomb, as I said luckily it doest freeze up and just pressing play restarts it but still it can be embarrassing.

So this is on iPad 9th gen and I just updated the ios as well.
I’m using the Rane One Controller but as you can see, others have experienced this issue on other controllers.
Djay version is 4.1.5 but it has been happening since 4.0.13 (Nov 22)

As I stated, it happens only on the left deck and approximately after 2 hrs of playing

Ok latest update on this issue…
It’s actually getting worse now.

I have tried recording two sets…
First set I was in the middle of a mix with the right deck playing and the left deck was playing but not the prominent channel and then all of a sudden both decks just stopped… This was at the 28th minute mark.

I was still using firmware 4.1.5

So I updated after that and began recording the same set…
Same thing, although only the Right deck was playing and then that deck just stooped. This time it happened at the 48th minute mark.

Guys please sort this out, As I said it appears to be getting worse as it happened to me last Saturday night in the middle of a gig but didn’t happen again after that during the night.

Tonight it has happened twice in the space of an Hour!!

We need to get this sorted as a real priority

ipad 9th Gen 256GB with over 130GB of spare disc storage.
Rane One Controller

I believe this started happening last night for me.
latest djay, imac (macos 10.15.4? latest for the machine…it’s a 10yr old intel). no controller/interface
left deck gets to a place in the track and freezes. try to play the right deck and “levels jump,” “platter spins” but no audio output.
things have been ridiculously solidly solid like Gibraltar til now.
this is not a minor issue. I need this fixed by Friday please!!! or a workaround…

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I’ve tried a few things and so far so good but I can’t be certain if it has been fixed…
I closed all the apps on the iPad.
Then I did a Hard reset
Then turned off Bluetooth…

I was able to record two 2 hr sets without issue but I’m not 100% confident that it has been resolved