Traktor Kontrol S8

This would be the ultimate mixer/controller for Algoriddim since the recent rise of stems…

This mixer was so ahead of its time.

If Algoriddim produce a mapping for it, you’ll win over all the Traktor DJ’s who are now left feeling unsupported by Native Instruments.

Virtual DJ have a mapping for it, and they even managed to get the screens working with waveforms etc.


NI controllers are very interesting, I know them well and I still have some. I would love to be able to use them in Djay Pro on my iPad, which is currently my favorite App. But unfortunately NI created a closed system that only allows some of its controllers to be in Midi mode only on Operating Systems like Mac and Windows, not on iOs. Being able to use a Kontrol X1 Mk2 , a Kontrol F1 or a Maschine for example, to map as auxiliary controllers in Djay Pro would be awesome.


Thank you for your feedback Fernando.
I wasn’t aware how closed NI’s system was…I am however very impressed with the mapping Virtual DJ created for the Kontrol S8. They even got the screens to display waveforms etc.
I’m going to have a go at mapping it with Djay on iOS, but I wouldn’t know where to start trying to get the screens to display information.

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You mean Virtual DJ on a Desktop OS, I assume.

To repeat: NO ONE can do a mapping for a Native Instruments controller on iOS, it’s not possible. It’s not MIDI, it’s a closed standard that cannot be interfaced with with a non-Native Instruments controller.

I’m very disappointed by the way that NI more or less killed their iOS offerings. Their app is dying a slow death, hasn’t been updated in years. The new Z1 controllers don’t even work with iOS anymore. That was my controller of choice, it worked so well with their Traktor app back in the days….


some of the NI controllers are working. even the s8
check the link :slight_smile:

other then that if you cant make the audio routing with it you can also switch them into midi controler mode to only control the app via the midi din ports from the S8 or older S4 to another audio interface (if it has some midi outs ) with multiple audio outs … I took my old s8 out and I am going to test it on my macbook and Ipad pro m1 via USB Hub.

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Yes…I am referring to Virtual DJ on MacOS.

I wasn’t aware that Traktor controllers weren’t midi.

Thank you for your feedback.
Much appreciated.

According to the Algoriddim compatibility chart the Traktor Kontrol S2 and S3 are compatible with the iOS versions of djay.

Unless my eyes and ears are deceiving me, this looks like Traktor Hardware working rather well on Algoriddim app for iOS.

Yep, but it’s working because djay programmed the support for it, not because it’s standard MIDI (that you and I could create or amend)

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That’s annoying…Thank you for explaining about the midi issue.

Looks like my only hope is if Algoriddim create a mapping, which is looking unlikely looking at how few controllers they support compared to a brand like Virtual DJ.