Traktor Kontrol S8

Thank you for all the work done!!


Be Sure to hit "SHIFT + “BACK” and it will flip the console to MIDI mode. On my mapping I made the “back” button to toggle to and from the library and use the scroll wheel above it to also select the next track.

Lots of the sift buttons were mapped too. There’s additional layers in the mapping. you can toggle of and on the AI per channel. There should be 4. Vocals, Harmony, Drums, Bass. Also, as you go up the channel, you can select the effect for that line.

I have more to do, but it’s enough to really get used to it. The high, mid, lows are off the mixer. So you should be good. Sometimes you have to make sure while the next track in the cue - raise and lower the the sliders to reset them. You can change this in the settings.

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I have the s2 mk3. Did you get the pads colored in the same color as the cues in djay? If yes, how did you get that working?

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Well, I updated the loops and the effects and a bunch of other things. The LEDs I was able to make the pads match the colors to the cue points. and on the FXs, you can flip between just effecting the vocal/harm/drum/bass separately or toggle between using 3 effects on the full track. Added “key” adjustments too. Loops have also been mapped to the pads starting with 1/4 and escalating up.

To get the pads matching, you need to get the MIDI Mapping tool from Traktor and adjust it there. The MIDI map in DJay is just to trigger the function.

I have more to play with and add the same functions to deck 3 and 4. they are only partially done.

The system is beyond sick. I’ll upload a new version 2.0 shortly.

I’m also mapping an sample pad to the F1.

Wish me luck!


to set cue points - hit Shift + pad you want. look in the display window. you will see the color light up if you have a cue set up or not. Hit it again and you can reposition it. the hot cue and shft+hot cue adds and erases the cue. Shft+cue will take you to the start of the track.
Freeze is echo out fade
hit Remix on left or right and with shift - it will add or remove effects windows,
above the vocal/harmony/drum/bass sliders - you can toggle them on and off. Hit shift and you cal solo the stem
above the column - if you hit the button, you will turn off and on the effect. If you hit FX Select+the button - it will change it to that column of the stem. So you can echo vocals, etc.
Flux - will match the key
the knob above the drums colum adjust the key in increments. so do the arrows above the Hi few knob. I haven’t decided what to do with the knob yet.

On V3 I should be able to finish mapping the in/out edit.
and get most of Deck 3 and 4 to match.

on V4 I hope to have the display screens mimic a nexus controller for info.

Feed back is appreciated!

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you’re going to like this update :smile:


Thank you🙏 so I think it will not work on Traktor S2 Mk3, because the controller can not be used with the controller editor :-/

@Slak_Jaw do you have any ideas how to Color the cue as the colors from djay?

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Sorry, I’ve shared all the ideas I can think of. I don’t have access to this specific hardware so I can’t be of much more help. Sounds like this can’t be changed via djay MIDI Learn. Perhaps within the XML file, but we do not support this and don’t recommend editing it unless you really know what you’re doing.


I don’t see it on the list in the menu either. Try flipping it to MIDI mode and see if you can set up in as an older version?

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Good idea👍🏼 the older S2 Version have fewer knobs and buttons, but s3/s4 should be similar

Anthony, thank you so much for all your hard work on this. I can’t wait to try it out.