Turning off Sync doesn't return to original BPM?

I could swear this wasn’t the case in the legacy DJay for Windows, but in the new DJay app when you turn off auto sync, the song doesn’t return to it’s original bpm, but rather stays in whatever it was synced to and you have to slide your tempo slider to the setting autosync set it to and return it to center to have it back to the original BPM.
This is making the new DJay app close to unusable for me :frowning:
Is there a way to enable this or is this a bug?

Okay so I think I figured it out, turns out this is caused by the “Sync BPM and beats” option in sync settings. Changing this to “BPM Only” makes it reset the bpm when sync is turned off.
However, why is this not the case for syncing bpm and beats? Is there something I’m not understanding about the feature? :grin:

IMO the way it works as described in your first post is correct. If the BPM of a track has been changed, to match it with another track, then it should stay at that BPM unless the DJ chooses to adjust it manually.

Having the BPM suddenly change because a button was pressed (sync off) would be considered a bad thing, assuming that track is playing and the dancefloor is full.


Hi @3shoes,

This is normal and expected behavior. Please refer to the attached article for details on how Sync in djay works.

I believe what you are also experiencing is Soft Takeover which is also normal. For more info on this please refer to these discussions:

  1. Adjusting tempo after transition to another track
  2. Pitch Fader Delay - Soft Takeover

Hey, I can’t seem to turn off auto sync. Can someone clarify what tabs need to be on/off?
IPad Pro 3rd gen
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Hi @djqueenvic, I get the feeling you are talking about something different. Can you please confirm if you are talking about the BPM/Tempo Sync in djay or iCloud Sync of your cue points and metadata? If it’s about BPM Sync, can you also confirm if you are using Crossfader FX when DJing? Thanks.

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Hi again @djqueenvic,

I suspect these are the settings you’re looking for.

It’s ok @Slak_Jaw it was something to do with the new crossfader

Good to hear. Yeah, I believe the default setting when using Crossfader FX is with the Sync Mode ON.

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If you press and hold the Sync button, it will revert back to the original BPM of the track


Oh really! Cheers @maurizio_T

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Thank you very much @Slak_Jaw

You’re welcome @djqueenvic

It would be quite a disaster if you switched off Sync while a track was playing and suddenly changed the tempo to +/- 0.

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