Pitch Fader Delay - Soft Takeover

I noticed with SYNC active , when I move the pitch slider on Numark, nothing happens, the pitch slider from software does not react, I have to move the pitch slider 3-4 times up and down and only then does it move.
Any idea ?

Hi @Adi_Grecu, this is normal and expected behavior. It’s called Soft Takeover.

  1. Basically if you use SYNC, the software is going to automatically move the Pitch Fader onscreen.
  2. This results in a mismatch between the Pitch Fader position in the software and with your hardware.
  3. Obviously the software cannot move your hardware pitch faders to match so they end up in different positions.
  4. To prevent a sudden jump in Tempo when you move your hardware Pitch Faders, you need to move them to the same position as the onscreen Pitch Fader.
  5. For more details please refer to this topic where I linked a video explaining how soft takeover works. Adjusting tempo after transition to another track

Hi Slak_Jaw, thanks for reply. I know about Soft Takeover but on Serato i don’t have this problem and on VDJ can be disabled. I can disable on Djay too ?

@Adi_Grecu this cannot be disabled in the djay settings. However, you might be able to modify the built-in MIDI Mapping for your DJ hardware and turn OFF Pickup Mode

Thanks. I will try on my backup controller, Numark Mixtrack .

It’s not working, with Pickup mode off or on it’s the same .
Another issue i have noticed, with Sync actived on both decks, when move the pitch slider to increase or decrease BPM , Sync it turns off and can’t adjust the both tracks BPM in mix.

Hi @Adi_Grecu,

  1. I had a feeling that changing the MIDI mapping would not change things as this is how the software works even without a controller connected. So, you will either need to get used to how this works in djay or create another topic to put in a request to add this option in the djay settings.
  2. As for your sync question, please refer to the attached article on how Sync works in djay. It’s a little different than other DJ software so it’s worth reading carefully. I remember having to adjust when I first transitioned from Traktor and Serato years ago.
  3. I suspect that you will need to adjust the Sync settings to achieve the results you’re after. Can you please share screenshots of your Settings>General>SYNC MODE and Settings>General>CROSSFADER FX? Thanks!

Please try changing your Sync type: to BPM only.

I have, it’s the same, when move pitch slider, Sync is turn Off with or without controller.

@Adi_Grecu well, that does sound odd.

  1. Please make sure that you are using the built-in MIDI Mapping for your controller - just in case you accidentally changed something in your custom mapping.
  2. Can you try to capture a video of this, upload it to your Dropbox/Google Drive, enable full sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here? I want to make sure I understand the full picture here.

In your video, please make sure that your entire screen is visible and you’re in a view mode that shows the crossfader, both channel faders, both tempo faders and both sync buttons. I suspect this is a Master Tempo issue and you have either the crossfader or one of the channel faders closed so the opposite deck you expect is actually the Master Tempo Deck.

Ok, i’ll make a video with all you ask


  1. I suspect what is happening, is that you are attempting to change the tempo of the Slave Deck instead of the Master Deck.
  2. In this situation, Sync will turn OFF because the system assumes you want a different tempo for your incoming song.
  3. For example, if are playing on Deck 1 with the Crossfader to the Left and the Channel Fader open, this will be considered the Master Deck because this is the one with audio going to the sound system.
  4. If Sync is ON for both decks, but you try to use the Tempo Fader for Deck 2 (which is the slave), Sync will turn OFF. Instead trying using the Tempo Fader of Deck 1 (which is the master).
  5. Just remember, the easiest way to determine which deck is the master is by which one the audience can hear.
  6. Please try this and let me know if that works.
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Hopefully this doesn’t confuse the situation, but here are some more details to explain how djay determines which deck is the Master Tempo Deck in various situations. However, like stated above, the easiest way to remember is that the Master Tempo Deck is the one that the audience can hear through the sound system.

SCENARIO 1: No Decks Playing

  1. With Sync OFF and 2 new tracks loaded into Deck 1 and Deck 2.
  2. The Deck that you press the Sync button ON becomes the Slave and the other becomes the Master.
  3. For example, if you press Sync on Deck 1, Deck 2 becomes the Master Deck.

SCENARIO 2: Two Decks Playing

  1. This is basically the same a Scenario 1, but with both Decks already playing.
  2. With Sync OFF and 2 new tracks loaded and Playing on Deck 1 and Deck 2.
  3. The Deck that you press the Sync button ON becomes the Slave and the other becomes the Master.
  4. This is assuming the Crossfader is in the Middle and both Channel Faders are up so that you can hear both songs through the sound system/master output.

SCENARIO 3: One Deck Playing

  1. By default, the actively playing Deck is the Master. So the Deck that is Playing through the master output and the audience can hear (ie. Channel Fader and Crossfader Open).
  2. Pressing Play and the Sync Button on either Deck 1 or Deck 2 will Sync it to the one that was Playing first. For example, Deck 1 is playing through the main speakers and Deck 2 is paused with a new track. If you press Sync on Deck 1 or on Deck 2, Deck 2 will Sync to Deck 1 because it’s already playing and is considered the Master Deck.
  3. The first Deck remains the Master Deck until you stop playback and load another track onto that Deck.
  4. In this case, the other Deck that is now actively Playing with the Channel Fader Open and Crossfader side Open becomes the new Master Deck.

Hopefully that helps clarify things

Yes, problem solved.
With both channel faders up , Sync remain activated always, no matter which pitch slider you move.
Thanks so much for the time you spent for helping me.
I bought Numark Mixtrack as backup controller. Hope to see very soon an official mapping for Opus Quad.

Excellent! That’s great to hear. You’re welcome. Glad I was able to sort it out for you.

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