Understanding criteria for 'Matching Track' Feature

I have a question about the ‘Matching Track’ section in DJay.

(I changed the title from ‘Related’ to ‘Matching’ because Related is another feature…)

I’ve noticed that the first few suggested matching tracks (when available) clearly match 100% in BPM and key, but further down the list, the BPMs and keys start to vary. How does DJay handle sorting and prioritization in this case? Does a harmonically matching key take precedence? Is it random, or is there a weighted balance between key and BPM?

So what exactly are the rules or criteria that DJay uses to select tracks for this section? Is it possible to customize these rules in the settings to suit personal preferences? (e.g. involve genre or folder where they are in here as well)

Thanks for your help!

  • Device model MacBook Pro 2019
  • Version of operating system Mac OS, Sanoma 14.4.1.
  • Version of djay: 5.1.6
  • Hardware/controllers used: Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

It would be nice if we could get some ‘personalisation’ by matching tracks by hand. Like, I know some fit well together, but can’t always remember which one it was. It would be nice to be able to manually relate tracks.

Hi @Kikeon; you’re talking about ‘related’, but that’s different from what I meant. So, I changed my title from ‘Related’ to ‘Matching’, because that better fits what I intended.

Well in this case I think you are lucky because I think related-tracks is already in Djay!

  1. Just select the extra screen on the right
  2. Select the track where you want to relate another track to
  3. Go to the info icon.
  4. Select the Related tab and drop the song here that you want to relate to…

From now on it remembers this track combination (it can even remember more related tracks)

Djay - Related-Tracks

And they link vice versa. So, as soon as you add a related track to one, it becomes visible on the other as well. And once related they also become visible as first in the Matching tracks tab.

Is that what you are looking for?

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actually it is, thanks. But can’t find it on iPad.

Sorry for hijacking your thread.

Alright, no problem. I’ve also noticed that functionalities can vary between platforms. So a feature might work differently or might not even be available on another device. It’s just the nature of different platform designs. And no worries about the thread hijack—it’s always good to add a bit of excitement to the conversation!

Hi @Kikeon, related tracks is not available on iOS.

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Hi @DJ_Big_Blender, I’m still waiting to hear back from engineering on how this criteria works. In the meantime, could you explain how exactly you would like to customize Match?

It definitely needs to involve more other harmonic matching tracks. In the simplest form, a 10d track should also display 9d, 10m, and 11d tracks within a certain bpm range, prioritizing those already in the same playlist.

On other aspects I will elaborate more after I got the current specs of how it works.

Great. Thanks for the additional details @DJ_Big_Blender. I’ve passed these onto the dev team.

Thanks for the update, @Slak_Jaw! I appreciate the effort. Incorporating this type of feature seems pretty obvious, as most current DJ software already includes similar capabilities.

By the way, this issue is somewhat related to this previous request by @Andreas_Haase1 from January 2023, which still hasn’t seen any visible progress. It might be worthwhile to look into how these requests are interconnected.

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