📣 UPDATE: djay Pro AI 4.1.4 Changelog

Hi All,

Just letting you know that we’ve released a new update (4.1.4) for djay Pro AI on both iOS and macOS!

The update is now available on the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, and features the following:

  • NEW: Added support for Reloop RMX-95 club mixer
  • Added option to activate Saved Loop 1 on song load
  • Fixed possible stability issues when using Neural Mix
  • Fixed master CUE button on Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1
  • Fixed missing waveforms on some Pioneer CDJ models (Mac only)
  • Fixed video “Size to Fit” option not working correctly (Mac only)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Enjoy these fixes and new features, and please keep your feedback and suggestions coming. :raised_hands: Cheers! :headphones:


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