đź“Ł UPDATE: djay Pro AI v4.1.9 & djay for Android v3.1.3 Changelog

Hi everyone,

We released updates on Mac, iOS, and Android with the following changes!

djay Pro AI Mac/iOS 4.1.9

• Improved integration with Reloop Mixon 8 Pro (recommended firmware update available)

• Bugfixes and improvements

djay Android 3.1.3

• Fixed TIDAL and SoundCloud login on Chromebook

• Bugfixes and improvements

Enjoy these fixes and new features, and please keep your feedback and suggestions coming. Have a wonderful day! :headphones:

My ios app needs improvements… When you dont name the specifics i dont know whether “thefix” has been made…:rage::rage::rage:… You use to list down all fixes… Now you just use a general term bugfixes… Please… what bugs? I dont think you fixing anything at the moment to honest!!!

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As a software developer, I think listing this in general makes sense but sometimes it’s just little stuff that you’re fixing that might never be seen by end users. As long as it is not listed I assume there are no changes that make a difference to us as users.

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Unfortunately the “set grid start” function is now broken with this update

When I go to set the grid start, it then knocks all the other lines off beat but still registers the same tempo. Please see following images

Quite a cheeky message my friend. I think you will find much more can be achieved in life by being polite. In regards to your bugs there is a process you can follow. You could check and see if you can replicate them after any updates and bring the results to everyones attention in a polite manner instead of just making a general complaints try some constructive criticism. :v:t2:

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Im afraid i have to start sounding angry… I have been polite all the time and its frustrating… And please dont tell me about procedures i aint dumb…!!! Where im from we dont beg when we pay… You pay u demand…otherwise I switch its that simple… I made a very relevant point… When i started using this software bug fixes where mentioned… To top it up… Does it mean they are just fixing small bugs … The major bugs are here to stay :thinking:…??? Djs are sounding unprofessional…

I am very sorry to hear that you are experiencing such issues. I do hope they get resolved for you soon.

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djay v4.1.10 is on the app store…

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And what have they fixed? I tried it for 2hours … All my problems still exist

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lol they cant fix your problems unless you detail them…
also, did you reboot after updating? sometimes that can work magically

I have done everything… Emailed… Posted on the forum… im confused… All my problems seem major i wonder whats taking them long… Here is the link

We are now on android version 3.1.4 and I have also noticed a few bugs. Set grid start obviously still hasn’t been fixed and there are also some sound issues.

When a track is being played at its regular speed (0% increase/decrease) and the key lock is switched on, pressing the -/+ nudge buttons causes the sound to distort/drop out.

The problem is not present when key lock is switched off or the track is being played either slightly faster or slower, for instance, if a track is 120bpm, playing it at 119.9bmp or 120.1bpm fixes the issue.

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