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Hey, I’m thinking of upgrading to Mixon 8. What MacBook would be best, and is it an Issue not having a touch screen? Also, with charging issues with an iPad in the past, what’s the best cable? :pray:t4:

Hi @djqueenvic,

  1. The Reloop Mixon 8 Pro is a great controller. I have one myself. Please note that some users have reported sticky performance pads, but it seems this can be easily fixed at home if you get one of these units. Reloop Mixon 8 Performance Pads Sticking - #10
  2. As for the MacBook, any one with an Apple M1 chip or better should work great with djay. I used to have an M1 MacBook Air and it worked great. https://help.algoriddim.com/hc/en-us/articles/11640778952220-Which-Neural-Mix-quality-level-is-supported-on-my-Mac
  3. From my many years of DJing, I highly recommend that you try to keep this laptop dedicated to DJing and don’t install too many apps that you don’t absolutely need. Keeping it clean will maximize performance and stability.
  4. Also, set yourself a budget for the laptop and try to buy the most powerful MacBook that fits within this budget. Choose one with more RAM if you can afford it. If you only use it for DJing and don’t have a massive music collection, storage space will be less important than chip performance and RAM.
  5. As for charging cables, it’s best to use the original Apple cable and charger that comes with the MacBook. For USB cables, I’m pretty biased and only use DJ TechTools Chroma Cables.
  6. Regarding the lack of touchscreen, personally I perfer the touchscreen option of an iPad, but you can achieve most of the same functionality with the MacBook touch pad and keyboard.

I hope that helps!

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I have an M1 MacBook Air that is completely full of programs. Djay runs stable and reliably at all times.

Greetz Chris


That’s great guys and one final thing, what is the minimum iPad version to get 100% djay pro? @Chq @Slak_Jaw

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I’ve got iPad Pro 3rd gen but only get 80%. What would that be? @Slak_Jaw

I’m guessing because pro 3rd gen doesn’t have enough processing power.

I have 5th gen and it just made 100%. Works very well though I must say.

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Awe ok. Thanks for the heads up @Dysfunk_DJ

That is exactly as expected if you read the FAQ article that I shared above:


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Could that be why it doesn’t charge on the controller @Slak_Jaw

Hi @djqueenvic, No. These are completely unrelated.

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Cos I bought a new lead from the Apple Store and it only powers the buddy, but doesnt charge the iPad. The iPad only charges when it’s connected to the wall on its own

Hi @djqueenvic,

  1. Please carefully follow the setup guide on the Reloop website for the Buddy: Reloop Buddy - Reloop
  2. You need to connect a USB-B to A cable from the Buddy to your iPad charging brick.
  3. Then a USB-A to C (or Lightning depending on your iPad socket) cable from the Buddy to your iPad.
  4. In this configuration your iPad should charge normally. If not, then you need to try a different USB-B to A cable and/or a different USB-A to C cable.

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Just looking at a MacBook Air M2 16gb ram 512 storage. Does that sound ok as a back up to the buddy and future controller upgrades? However, There are multiple power adapters now. What would I need a 70w usb-c for @Slak_Jaw

That laptop sounds like a great choice to me. I’d personally be VERY happy running djay with those specs.

For the power adapter, use the Apple one. In general, the higher wattage one is typically the better choice.

@Slak_Jaw do you have a recommendation for a fast usb-a charger to help the buddy?

Can you not simply use the USB charger that came with your iPad and connect the USB-B to A cable from the Buddy to it?. If your iPad charger is USB-C, then I recommend you get a high quality USB-B to C cable for this connection.

The buddy connects to usb-a so not sure how to do that @Slak_Jaw

Please refer to the diagrams previously shared above along with the Reloop Buddy user manual. This contains everything you need to connect things properly.

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