URGENT: Local Music - Missing Files

Since the integration with Apple Music, the “Local Files” section now excludes playlists which include any songs which are classified as “Uploaded” or “Matched”. These are files that I own and they are downloaded on my device - they are not streamed, therefore they should not be excluded! You should only be excluding files that, in the MacOS music app, have a “Kind” of “Apple Music” - these are the streamed files.

This is a HUGE PROBLEM as I often play in clubs that have dodgy internet connection, or none at all and I cannot access my playslists when I’m offline.

I’ve added the files to a My Collection playlist and, as you can see, the icon shows them with an Apple Music icon and they are greyed out and unavailable even though, as you can see from the MacOS screenshot, they are not streamed files

Im not an expert but I believe it’s now located in the white circle with red music note section titled “local files” for owned music in iTunes.

Also, make sure you have it downloaded on your Apple Music app. There’s settings to ensure it’s always download so you don’t have to have the fear of “steaming” your own, local playlists.

Omar, the files ARE downloaded locally on my iPad. If I search for them, they play fine - even when I am offline. But DJay Pro is incorrectly classifying them as “Apple Music” files so they appear as unavailable in playlists, and they don’t appear in the Local Files section.

Hi @Pierre_Henry, sorry for the late reply. I have reported this to the engineering team for further investigation. I’ll let you know as soon as I have any news. Thanks!

Hi @Pierre_Henry, this should be fixed in the latest 5.1.1 release:


  • New: Enhanced drawing of detail waveform (scrubbing, jump to cue, zoom out)
  • Improved loading of Apple Music libraries with large number of playlists
  • Improved robustness for DJM-S7 external mixer initialization
  • Improved BPM fluctuations with certain songs
  • Fixed possible missing playlists in Local Music source (iOS only)
  • Fixed missing playlist options in Pro mode (iPad only)
  • Fixed drag and drop of My Crates tracks into My Collection (macOS only)
  • Fixed error message when exporting playlist to TIDAL
  • Various bugfixes and improvements

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