Using USB sound with headphones on iOS 8 issue

I noted a problem today with two USB sound cards, a generic dongle and Fiio E07K, in iOS 8 on an iPad Air. Genuine Apple Lightning to USB adaper used. Worked in iOS7.

Playback works via USB ftom both when they are the only output device.

Plugging headphones in to the headphone port will bring up the usual output / pre-cue menu, at which time playback stops working from USB and starts working from headphone jack.

A reboot had no effect.

This behavior seems to be very similar in Traktor as well.

thats good to hear. I’ve had the pre-cue issue on iOS 9.3.5. BTW, I’m using the new dragonfly black low power DAC which is the only one which works powered via iPad.

I’m nervous upgrading to iOS 10, how’s your experience been? I’ve had a queue crash issue under iOS9, which I’ve posted. It’s difficult to know what are App or OS issues.

We need more feedback from AG.

I’ve emailed support & they say there is a fix coming in next dJay 2 update, hopefully Jan 2017.

I’ve tried under iOS 9.3.5 & iOS 10.2 with latest Dragonfly DAC powered by device.

Let’s hope it works :slight_smile:

Has anyone had any luck with this? I think support acknowledged the issue, but waiting for a fix …
I wonder how compatible the App remains when there are IOS point releases.

This is an important issue - please could Algoriddm please comment & provide an update.

Yes, do please let us know if that works - i.e: if djay Pro pre-cueing works.


thanks for the update - could I ask :-

Has this functionality ever worked - i.e: In earlier iOS versions; and you built this into the product, so I’m presuming it must have worked?

Is this an issue which can / should be solved by Apple? Are they aware this is an issue for you?

This is obviously a key feature that many people would like - if not supported, perhaps Apple can enable it in iOS 11 ??


Also, if this function remains unsupported, what lightning sound card / DAC do you advise?

Yes, but has Lightning broken it I wonder.

Hi Staff,
As we’re now on iOS 11 and soon to be V12, can dJay / iOS support master sound out via lightning / sound card and pre-cueing via the headphone socket?
please advise,

Hi, I’ve got the Zalman RSSC working with the Apple iOS USB 2 cable - works great. Then I bought the Apple iOS USB 3 cable as that would allow to charge at the same time. This however doesn’t work, the Zalman card is not giving any sound. Is this something other persons have as well? Is it something that can be fixed?

Anyone tried Audio Traktor 2 and works with DJay 2?

I tested it on IOS9 with a generic sound card.
All the outputs are properly recognised but sound only comes from 1 output.
It worked on IOS 8.

I tried many things. Basically, sound comes out wither from the MAIN OUTPUT or the HEADPHONES. Not both.

The strange thing is that I got it to work… ONCE… when testing. As soon as I tried to use it at a gig. It failed. :frowning:

Are the sound cards you’re using just a 2-channel (stereo)? I-mic is just 2-channel, but what about the others that you’ve tried?

Not yet, but I’ll get onto it asap. Thanks again for your cooperation.

Yes, iMIc is stereo but e.g. Griffin DJ Connect has 2 stereo outputs.

We’re still investigating, sorry.

It may be a good idea to compile a list of affected devices. Please comment directly to this reply so we can collect the names/models of the devices.

We’re already investigating this problem as mentioned above. It has been reported that this issue also occurs with other apps besides djay, so it’s most likely not a direct issue caused by our app. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that we’re just about to ignore it. We’ll do our best to find out what’s causing this and fix it (if we can).

Same problem…