v5.0.2 - FX in "Pad" not able to isolate the NeuralMIX

I"m using Ipad Pro 11 2nd Gen.

Issue is under related to NeuralMIX in the FX’s Pad section doesn’t work.

For example I have “echo” selected, I click on the echo, then the drop down with different type of FX is in there.
at the bottom, it has “deck” selected by default. When I change it to Drum, Bass, Melodic… . The text is set to whatever I selected.

But when I click out of it to get back to the main screen. It reverted to “deck”.

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Hi @PoyTB,
This is a known issue and I’ve been told it will be addressed in the upcoming update.

@PoyTB I believe this has been fixed in 5.0.3

Hey mate,

Yeah, within a day of the bug posted.
Sorry I didn’t see the previous bug reported before.

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